Keira Knightley Buys Her Husband A £ 40,000 Rolex Birthday Present

According to the British ‘The Sun’ report, British actress Keira Knightley has always been known for her thrift and thrift, but when buying a birthday gift for her husband, she was not so ‘cut’ and gave her husband Bought a 40,000 Rolex watch.

 Keira Knightley is usually a very economical and plain actress, saving to the point that you think she might go to a chain store to buy jewelry.

 However, her husband was about to celebrate his 30th birthday. Instead of buying an Elizabeth watch, she bought a Rolex watch worth 40,000 pounds (about 400,000 yuan).

 On Sunday, Kyla, who starred in the film ‘True Love’, presented her husband, the vocalist and keyboardist James Leiden as a precious birthday gift in front of the band’s friends, while the band was at the Royal Oak Bar in East London show.

 A source said: ‘Kayla wants to give her husband a special birthday gift. Although James is not a material person, he will not disdain Rolex watches. He loves this watch very much and is very moved.’

 Although Kayla is the top actress on the Hollywood pay list, she has always been cautious about spending money. Her company, Kck Boo Ltd, raised £ 1.5 million from movie and fashion big orders last year, but Kayla only offered herself a prize of £ 30,000.

 Recently, Kayla has just finished shooting the romantic comedy movie ‘Songs Change Life’, in which she partnered with comedian James Colden.