Make Fun In Time It’s Not Too Early To Buy A Watch At Any Time

Many young friends around me have asked me to recommend a watch for them. Some of them already know the watch and pay attention to the watch information, but they have been on the edge of the bezel. Hesitation hesitated, and more were just a casual question. In fact, there is no plan to buy a watch itself, and there are very few that have finally locked a few brand series under my recommendation, and eventually love the watch. For those who have no plans to buy a watch, needless to say, most of them are not yet age to wear a watch or there is little need to wear a watch even if they have already worked; for those who hesitate to wander, the reason is usually There is only one, and that is to hope that the watch can be bought in one step.
‘One step in place’ or ‘Just in time’
   ‘One step in place’ does seem to be a good way to save money, but this is only for those friends with a strong family or a mature age who have just come into contact with watches, for those who are working hard in society or even just starting their careers ‘One step’ for young people is obviously unrealistic. Holding the idea of ​​’one step in place’ to learn to watch and watch, not only loses a lot of fun to watch and watch, but also makes you lose confidence in the long-term negative emotion of the so-called ‘top’, And even if the hard work is enough for this money, in the end how many people can spend a lot of money to achieve this dream dream dream?

   So for these friends, and most of the young people who are new to watches, my suggestion is to ‘be happy in time’-if you want to buy a watch, then arrange your budget according to your current objective situation, in fact, whether it is tens of thousands of yuan , A few thousand yuan, or even only a few hundred yuan, you can choose a watch that you like, so that your personal image immediately improves a gradient, and when your financial ability has improved, you can consider higher prices and Quality watch.

   In fact, ‘Just in Time’ seems to be quite a twist and a waste of money, but for most ordinary people, this is far more objective and feasible than ‘one step’. Because no matter when you buy a watch, your budget is always based on your current objective income ability, and the so-called ‘one step’ is often more than the current income is acceptable for most people Range, so even if you save enough money in the end, you will just get yourself into trouble again, and the existing family may even affect the harmony of the family.

   Of course, ‘just in time’ does not mean that you blindly buy the watch you like. After all, the price of high-end watches is also very expensive for most ordinary people, and relatively speaking, most of them are 10,000 yuan or even many. 100,000-level watches do not have much appreciation space. Therefore, here I would like to make a few points and suggestions for table friends who are still hesitant to buy a watch or what watch.

How many watches a man buys in his life is appropriate

   The topic of ‘how many watches should a man buy?’ Has been on the Internet for a long time. It seems that no matter how much you say, there will always be people who disagree. In fact, this is true. You cannot determine exactly how many watches each man should buy in his lifetime, or which watches should be available. Different people are affected by the differences in their living environment and economic level. The finish line and the different styles of the watch are different, but for young friends who are new to the watch, it is not impossible to find. In my opinion, if it is not a friend who has a hobby for the watch, 2 ~ 4 It should be a reasonable number.

Development period-purchase budget of 10,000 yuan

   Most of the tablemates who have just started usually have entered a relatively stable job, or have more than one year of industry experience, and have a clearer direction for their future career development. Because for most men, usually only when they have entered a relatively stable life and already have a certain amount of disposable income in their hands, will they slowly start to feel like something is wrong on their wrists. I also call my cousin at this stage as a cousin who is in the career development period. For my cousin at this stage, my suggestion is to set the budget of the watch purchase at 10,000 to 20,000 yuan.

Recommended brands: Longines, NOMOS, Montblanc, Baume & Mercier, Frederique Constant, Tudor, etc.

Montblanc Star Classic U0108769

Frederique Constant SLIMLINE FC-306S4S6

Longines Master Series L2.628.4.78.3


Enlightenment period-within 10,000 yuan
   Of course, not all watch friends enter the career development period before the need for watch purchases. There are also some table friends who have just entered the workplace or are about to enter the workplace. They may pay great attention to the taste of life, pay attention to personal details, or because of their living environment, work contact and other reasons, the need for watch purchase has germinated earlier. I define the cousin at this stage as the cousin during the enlightenment period. The cousin at this stage is usually just economically independent or has not completely separated from the help of the family. Therefore, according to personal circumstances, the budget can be set at two Within 1,000 yuan, or set a budget in the range of 5,000 to 10,000 yuan.
Recommended brands: Fiyta, Rossini, Swatch, Casio, Tissot, Hamilton, Mido, etc.

Fiyta Classic GA8312.WWB Watch

Casio G-SHOCK YOUTH series GA-110C-7A watch

Tissot Haute Couture T086.407.16.031.00

Mido Berencelli M8690.4.11.8 watch

Rise period-budget purchase of 40,000 to 80,000 yuan

   For those cousins ​​who have passed the career development period, after a few years of hard work, their income will increase with the accumulation of work experience. At this time, more and more people will be in contact at work or in life. The social level of the contacts is becoming more and more complicated, and some people may feel that it is time to change the watch on their hands. I define a cousin at this stage as a cousin in a career ascent. Cousins ​​at this stage usually already have small savings. For their watch purchase budget, my suggestion is 40,000 to 80,000 yuan.

Recommended brands: Omega, IWC, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex, Zenith, Panerai, etc.

IWC Portugal IW371401 Chronograph

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Power Reserve Watch

Rolex Greenwich II Series 116710LN-78200 Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre Slim Master Series Q1368420

Maturity period-12-25 million yuan budget

   When men struggle to a successful career and form a happy family, naturally there is more reason to improve their quality of life, otherwise what is the meaning of success? For watch friends who have reached this stage, if there is no particular preference for the watch itself, in fact, a top-quality watch can be used in most formal occasions; if you have a strong interest in the watch Naturally, you can also slowly enrich and collect your favorite models according to your personal preferences and hobbies. For the former’s budget for purchasing watches, my suggestion is 12-25 thousand yuan, and the latter presumably does not require me to express my humble opinion here.

Recommended brands: Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Lange, Patek Philippe, etc.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15300ST.OO.1220ST.01 watch

Vacheron Constantin 81180 / 000G-9117 watch

Breguet Classic 5177BB / 29 / 9v6 watch

Lange 1 Series 101.039 watch

   The above is a table purchase idea I suggested for my tablemates who are still confused and do n’t know how to buy a table. Since most of the tablemates who plan to save money in one step have basically passed the “enlightenment period”, I put the enlightenment period after the ‘development period’ and explained. I want to be able to start with a suitable watch in the ‘development period’ and ‘rising period’, and in the future life to work hard to ‘maturity’ is a reference idea for watch purchase. And I think that even for those young people who have a better family background and have the condition of ‘one step in place’, it is feasible and secure to buy watches according to my thinking. After all, if young people wear watches that are too luxurious, they will inevitably suffer People are criticized, and wearing a watch also depends on their experience and temperament.

   For many well-collected watch friends, each watch they bring is like their own records and summaries of a period of life, condensing precious memories of that time, and even if the old watch is replaced, whether it is carefully collected or Inheritance to juniors has also given watches a more precious meaning. Buying a watch with a ‘one-step’ mentality. Although it seems that there is nothing wrong with the starting point of saving money, in my opinion, buying a watch with this mentality not only loses the joy of selecting and looking at a lot of watches, Make your life a lot less rare touch ……