Mido Commemorates 95th Anniversary Champs Series Limited Three-eye Chronograph

MIDO 95th Anniversary
Champagne Series Observatory certified limited three-eye chronograph elegant and dynamic
Collection of sunshine male Liu Yihao fondly remembers the limited edition of 950 pieces and sets off a collection boom

 MIDO watch captures the light and shadow of the building, embodies the soul of the classic building with the watch, and repeatedly creates new pages in the altar. In 2013, with the Paris Tower as the muse, the ‘Commander Chronometer Limited Edition Champagne Series Observatory Certified Limited Three-Eye Chronograph’, which was issued in a limited edition of 950 worldwide, was officially released in Taiwan as a celebration of the 95th anniversary of the brand . MIDO has gone through nearly a century of history, maintaining its original design style, completely implementing the ‘A mark of true design’ brand concept, and interpreting time art with architectural inspiration. Commander Chronometer Limited Edition Champagne Series Observatory certified limited three-eye chronograph is certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC). Two turbo-shaped chronographs on the black hairline surface dial make the adrenaline surge like a track, no matter It is delicately inlaid with red numbers, ‘Limited Edition’ and the chronograph seconds hand, all showing the understated dynamic elegance of the Commander Champs series. In addition, it is exclusively equipped with a limited edition exquisite watch box, with a bright orange thread draft inside the box, which outlines the complete outline of the geometric structure of the Eiffel Tower, presenting the watch design story clearly.

 Lan Kaiyu, vice president of MIDO watch brand, said: ‘The classic architecture with hidden time baptism, inheriting the historical connotation of old time hardening, is the perfect embodiment of aesthetics and design in the eyes of MIDO watchmakers. Brand selection in 2013 The most representative of the Commander Champs series, the Commander Chronometer Limited Edition Champagne Series Observatory certified limited edition three-eye chronograph, the rigid and soft silhouette of the Paris Tower, the avant-garde and timeless beauty has become the inspiration of the MIDO beauty watch to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the brand Muse, upholding the spirit of ‘A mark of true design’, writes a new chapter in history for the brand. The design of the immortal building is not worn out over time, and the Paris Tower is stored in the dial design. It has the Champagne series limited three-eye chronograph certified by the Swiss Observatory. It is limited to 950 pieces in the world. ‘

      Champagne Series Observatory certified limited three-eye chronograph, suggested selling price: NT $ 76,200.

 Limited edition of three-eye chronograph certified by MIDO Champs Series Observatory.

Mido celebrates its 95th anniversary! 950 limited editions worldwide

 The Commander Chronometer Limited Edition is a limited edition three-eye chronograph certified by the Champs Series Observatory. It has a rare distinctive sports style in the series. The perfect curve from the spire to the base of the Eiffel Tower is skillfully used in the round body design, trapezoidal. The decorative nature of the moment echoes the steel hollow structure, and the Paris Tower is also creating an endless charm due to the combination of steel and geometry, becoming an important attraction and prominent symbol of France and Paris.

 This limited-edition watch retains the design lineage inherited from 1959. It focuses on imitation and preservation of internal power and design. The surface of the 42.5mm spherical sapphire crystal is reminiscent of the French retro trend. The black metallic dial that is as dynamic as the dashboard of a car, the dazzling red LIMITED limited words paired with bright red chronograph numerals and eye-catching large second hands, give this new watch a unique identity, the black three-eye chronograph dial harmoniously integrates into the dial, 6 The clock and the 12 o’clock direction chronograph dial also use delicate ripple changes and white hook lines to accurately interpret the dynamic style. MIDO boldly writes modern elements and sports tide into the Commander Champagne series models. The design significance of the epoch-making landmark steel craftsmanship of the era landmark. The watch itself is water-resistant to 50 meters. The white luminous Super-LumiNova coating is used at all times and hands. The time can still be read clearly in the dark. The recommended price is NT $ 76,200.

Rigid lines and elegant control! Sunshine male Liu Yihao performing the Champs Series Observatory certification limited three-eye chronograph

 Liu Yihao, who is deeply rooted in the image of the masculine sunshine, chose Daliang to perform a new drama, the eight leading idol dramas, ‘I Love You, Love You, Love Me’. MIDO specially invites Liu Yihao to interpret the Commander Chronometer Limited Edition Champagne Series Observatory’s certified three-eye chronograph with French elegance and style. The signature fluffy romantic curls, coupled with the geometric limited force watch, stir up unexpected conflicting aesthetics. With a background in visual design, Yihao was impressed by the local architectural style on a visit to Paris last year. The Eiffel Tower is a lace-like steel arc that gracefully crosses the Paris skyline. Yi Hao, who has no habit of collecting watches, particularly appreciates the Commander Chronometer Limited Edition certified limited-edition three-eye chronograph, elegant and dynamic, and can collect the good times of Paris in one hand. This time, we specially invited the well-known fashion consultant Mr. Chen Junjun, who is reported by many international media, to bring the latest trendy fashion. I personally drew Liu Yihao’s MIDO style male look and certified his watch accessory Commander Chronometer Limited Edition Champs series observatory. Starting with a limited three-eye chronograph, paired with Yihao’s casual romantic style, contrasting shapes, increasing visual intensity, not only wearing a personality but also showing low-key personal taste, becoming the best example of Parisian male charm.

 Sunshine male Liu Yihao performed the limited edition three-eye chronograph certified by the Champs Series Observatory.