Nomos Watch Brand Launches Four New Tetra Series Watches

The watchmaking company nomos watch brand has launched four new watches, all of which have a square design: the classic Tetra series is painted with rich urban colors.

 Kleene, Goldelse, Clärchen, Nachtijall: NOMOS’s classic square Tetra collection has four new names and four new color combinations-turquoise green, auspicious gold, Taiwanese blue and deep midnight blue. This colorful combination is as gorgeous and colorful as Berlin, and like a melting pot, Berlin is exactly the source of inspiration for NOMOS’s desire to portray performance with a new series of vivid colors. In Berlin, ‘Vietnam’ and ‘Russia’ are only one stop away. You can experience Turkish, Italian or West German life, each of which is full of fun. After breakfast time, Berlin seemed to be full and drank, and began to perform a variety of changes. Today, this interesting character is also incorporated into the new NOMOS watch.

 Designed by Berlinerblau, NOMOS’s in-house creative agency in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the new Tetra Berlin Set watch is both unusual and exudes infinite charm. The new Tetra watch is powered by a hand-wound Alpha movement that has been scrupulously refined. There is one exception: the turquoise green version of Kleene. This watch is equipped with DUW 4301 movement and equipped with power reserve display. This device can display the remaining power reserve of the watch, reminding the wearer to fully recharge the watch by rotating the crown. After all, Berlin is also exhausted.

 Tetra Kleene moves forward, never stops

 Whether walking in the city of Berlin or other places of life, they are equally confident and determined, harmoniously blending with urban feelings. Kleene (Berlin dialect, meaning ‘little dots’) is equipped with a golden power reserve display device, while adhering to the trend of the times, it still adheres to the consistent standards of the Glashütte watchmaking industry.

Movement: Homemade DUW 4301 movement with power reserve display
Case: stainless steel, two-piece structure; size 29.5 * 29.5 mm; sapphire crystal; sapphire crystal back cover, 6.3 mm thick; 4 screws
Dial: lacquered, gold-plated power reserve display
Hands: Gold-plated
Water resistance: up to 3 atmospheres
Strap: Grey Suede
Product Numbers: 492

 Tetra Goldelse a little picky tall lady

 Goldelse (named after Tiergarten’s Golden Column of Victory) is always on the beat of the times-and now defines new fashion trends. The shiny rose gold frosted dial exudes confidence from the beautiful case.
Movement: Homemade hand-wound movement α (Alpha);
Case: stainless steel, two-piece structure; size 29.5 * 29.5 mm; sapphire crystal; sapphire crystal back cover, 6.3 mm thick; 4 screws
Dial: Galvanized
Hands: Gold-plated
Water resistance: up to 3 atmospheres
Strap: Grey Suede
Product Numbers: 491

 Tetra Clärchen dancing green elves

 In the Clärchen Ballroom in the heart of Berlin, dancing and jubilant, the lively party lasts until five in the morning. But Clärchen with gold-plated hands and a cyan dial is still alive. Even if the carnivals in Berlin have already fallen asleep, it still faithfully records the passage of time.
Movement: Homemade hand-wound movement α (Alpha);
Case: stainless steel, two-piece structure; size 29.5 * 29.5 mm; sapphire crystal; sapphire crystal back cover, 6.3 mm thick; 4 screws
Dial: painted
Hands: Gold-plated
Water resistance: up to 3 atmospheres
Strap: Grey Suede
Product Numbers: 489

 Tetra Nachtijall, I can hear your tick

 Like a songbird wearing a gorgeous feather, a tremolo traversed from Grunerwaldlin to the west of Berlin, and Nachtijall recorded the time of Ambilight with his voice, recreating the scent of birds last night.
Movement: Homemade hand-wound movement α (Alpha);
Case: stainless steel, two-piece structure; size 29.5 * 29.5 mm; sapphire crystal; sapphire crystal back cover, 6.3 mm thick; 4 screws
Dial: painted
Hands: Gold-plated
Water resistance: up to 3 atmospheres
Strap: Grey Suede
Product Numbers: 490

 Unconventional, leading new trends: Kleene, Goldelse, Clärchen, Nachtijall are urban watches that really originate from Berlin-but the beating ‘core’ still comes from Glashütte.

Simple And Distinguished Three High-performance Watches Recommended

Simplicity is a style. At first glance, it feels simple and neat, but simplicity is not a simple piece together. Under simplicity, it is also exquisite and complicated. Today, the Watch House recommends three simple and elegant watches that add elegance to your wrist.
Blancpain VILLERET 6606A-1127-55B watch

Watch model: 6606A-1127-55B
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 73,000
Watch details:
Watch model: 1368470
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 65,500
Watch details:
Watch model: W2CL0002
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Stainless Steel / 18k Rose Gold
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 70,500
Watch details: cartier / 43403 /
Watch Reviews: Cartier has written the history of world jewelry and watch making with its transcendental design and superb craftsmanship, and has been admired by generations of royalty and celebrities. This watch features a chic design in stainless steel, a delicate radial ripple on the white dial, elegant blue Roman numerals and hands, and a date window at six o’clock. The watch comes with a fine stainless steel and rose gold strap.
Summary: These three watches are made by three world-leading watchmakers. The exquisite watches are elegant and charming, and the exquisite watchmaking technology is even more delightful. The three watches are designed with originality and simplicity. The elegant watches are worn on the wrist, showing nobility.

Henry Moser H. Moser & Cie Elegant Smoked Blue Charm Little Three Needles

When it comes to simplicity and elegance, no one beats H. MOSER. Its smoky dial has become the new darling of the famous collectors market. Undoubtedly, many people think that the smoky dial is the best in the watch market. The round case is a three-piece design that H. MOSER & CIE is good at. The moderate size is more suitable for stable business people. Any occasion.

Unique H. MOSER & CIE watch, rare rose gold case with exclusive handmade smoked blue dial

The most attractive aspect of the Endeavour small three-hand watch is also the deep watchmaking skills contained in the Cal.HMC321.503 manual winding movement. The structural design of the Cal.HMC321.503 manual-winding movement presents the sharp and highly functional pragmatic features of Germany. The transmission gear system of the Cal.HMC321.503 movement uses Moser’s special chamfered edge manufacturing technology, which not only makes the winding process smoother, but also significantly reduces parts wear and extends the wear life of the watch. The movement continues the distinctive plywood design. The finely polished Moser exclusive wide and narrow interphase ripples on the main splint exude the noble taste unique to top watchmaking. Equipped with a detachable double-level hairspring escapement developed exclusively by H. MOSER & CIE, the escapement can be disassembled separately, which improves the convenience of maintenance and maintenance of the movement, and also reduces the time required for maintenance. In order to avoid the sudden release of spring power after the escapement wheel is disassembled, a stopper is installed below the movement plate to lock the fourth wheel to prevent the gears of the train wheel from being damaged due to high-speed rotation. In order to reduce the problem of parts wear and tear that may occur due to frequent operation of the escapement, H. MOSER & CIE uses unique hard gold to create the escapement fork and escape wheel in the escapement, which can extend the life of the movement. This is also the only practice of top watch manufacturers.

 Endeavour watch design has a warmth in the sensibility and elegant in the slim

The small second dial of the Endeavour small three-hand watch has a slightly larger size design, which echoes the large hour and minute hands of the large willow leaf. The unique hand-smoked blue panel exudes classic elegance, while showing the characteristics of returning to the true. It also echoes the market trend of classic watches now strongly returning to the mainstream. The simple and lively line design of the Endeavour small three-hand watch exudes infinite and profound charm.

Calm and handsome Endeavour small three-hand watch in platinum smoked blue

Casio G-shock2012 Fall Dw6900 New Color Matching Watch Series

When it comes to autumn and winter, the popular watch model G-Shock of the well-known brand Casio has released a new series of classic model DW-6900, which is presented in four colors of purple, red, gray and black. When it comes to autumn and winter, the popular watch model G-Shock of the well-known brand Casio has released a new series of classic model DW-6900, which is presented in four colors: purple, red, gray and black. The DW-6900’s consistent settings are still maintained in the design, including eye-catching galvanized mirror surface, shock resistance and 200-meter water resistance, multi-mode alarm clock settings, and anti-static strap. At present, the new color matching DW-6900 series is available through Urban Industry in the UK, each priced at £ 95.

The French Open Record Is Refreshed! ‘king Of Red Earth’ Nadal Holds The 12th Musketeer Cup

After three hours of hard work, the game officially entered the fourth round. At this moment, there was a sound of cheering for Rafa. Dominic Thiem finally faced Rafael Nadal. Strong serve, hit the ball and land over the bottom of the court, Yes!

Nadal wins 12th French Open men’s singles title
   Rafa, who was finally able to relax and tense, lay on his back, shed tears, and won the cheers of the audience. He broke his record once again and won the 12th French Open in his career. ) The men’s singles champion is worthy of being called ‘the king of red clay’ by the outside world. Even if the sweat on Rafa’s back was stained with red clay, it looked like blood, as if he was flying freely on the court. All this is hard to come by.

   In the men’s singles final on June 9, local time, Tim and Rafa each successfully saved the serve in the first 2 games. Even if Rafa suffered a break in the 3rd game, they still supported their physical strength with willpower, and fought each time to the 4th game. The serve is still sharp and the return is still strong. At the press conference after the final, Rafa said, ‘It is a dream and an incredible time to win again. When I played the French Open for the first time in 2005, I never expected that I could still play here in 2019 Under the men’s singles championship. ‘Compared to Rafa, who has handsome long hair at the age of 19 and started to shine on the French tennis court, now just celebrating his 33rd birthday, he has become more mature and stable in 14 years. At the same time, I was very impressed with Tim’s performance: ‘Tim is a player worthy of entering the finals. He is one of the bright spots on the tennis court in the future; he has inspired me and inspired many players.’ Facing his career so far18 The Grand Slam champion, Rafa said there are more goals ahead to be surpassed.

   This year’s French Open tournaments have suffered from rain and instant strong winds, especially the erratic wind speeds, and tennis experts are greatly troubled. In the Men’s Singles semi-finals semi-final on June 7, facing uncertain crosswinds, interfering with the accuracy of the serve, coupled with the slowdown of the clay court tennis after landing, it is susceptible to wind drift, and the player’s footsteps are difficult Federer suffers from the characteristics of control. Rafa, who played in the same field and under the same environmental conditions, seemed to be playing steadily, handling each swing more carefully, and finally defeating his opponent in straight sets, winning the 24th victory in the ‘Fener duel’ career battle. ‘Here I enjoyed playing against Federer here; to me, he is one of the greatest players in history.’ Nadal still couldn’t help revealing the hero’s love for the hero after the game.

   In 2010, Rafa wore the RM 027 Tourbillon watch for the first time, and the audience immediately stunning the audience. Imagine that the player’s swiping action has already generated strong vibrations and impacts on the wrist. Generally, wristwatches can’t bear it, let alone a relatively more ‘fragile’ tourbillon watch. Today, the RM 27-03 Tourbillon watch, which accompanies Rafa to lift the French Open men’s singles gold cup, can withstand shocks of up to 10,000 G, far higher than the standard of 5,000 G shock resistance of ordinary watches. RICHARD MILLE, who is not afraid of challenges, uses innovative research and development technology and advanced materials to create powerful watches that compete with Rafa in major tennis events. In the future, brands will continue to use accurately calculated parts and a sense of weightlessness. Incorporating many extraordinary watches with outstanding performance, accompanied by ‘King of Clay’ Rafa continues to challenge major international tennis tournaments.

Collection-level’ Luxury Watch Shuangan Shopping Center International Luxury Watch Festival

From August 10th to August 12th, Shuang’an Shopping Center’s “Zhenpin · Brilliant” International Watch Festival will be on fire. At that time, there will be several million luxury watches appearing in Shuangan Shopping Center for luxury exhibition sales. . Shuang’an Shopping Center joins hands with many top international watch brands to offer consumers a beautiful feast of light, and appreciate the classic charm of ‘collectible’ luxury watches with consumers. Glasutti
Julius Assmann 4J. Assmann Glashütte 155th Anniversary
    The elegant 18K gold hollow galvanized dial shows the charming Cal. 46 movement. The tourbillon is fixed on both sides of the movement by bridges, and sometimes the needle retrograde function. The exquisite cutouts and ornate carvings on the surface and the barrel make these 25 movements unique works of art, and once again confirm the high requirements of Glashütte Original on watchmaking. Whether it’s a rose gold bracelet as a pocket watch or a watch to wear it, Julius Assmann 4 is undoubtedly the most luxurious accessory for outstanding men. Following the tradition of the Assmann commemorative edition, Julius Assmann 4 is a masterpiece of master watches, limited to 25 pieces.
Official price: RMB1,496,500
    The event is located in Xinyu Sanbao Shuang’an Shopping Mall, and the event will run from August 10th to August 12th. During the event, 10% off some brands in the store, you can get a surprise gift when you buy the watch.
    According to reports, in order to cope with this famous watch festival, Shuangan Shopping Mall not only specially planned a million good watch exhibition sales event, but also specially set up a watch culture lecture, and introduced brand culture and characteristics analysis, imported Swiss watch error proofreading, degaussing And a series of thoughtful and thoughtful service items such as free addition and subtraction of straps, so that you can buy with confidence, wear comfortable.
TAG Heuer Monaco V4
    Platinum is limited to 150 pieces in the world (the last 50 pieces). The world’s first patented mechanical watch movement with a belt to transmit power. The complex and precise structure is sapphire crystal glass front and back, and the blue hour hand shines. Point position: blue second hand, blue “V4” layout, blue TAG Heuer logo layout polished
Platinum case, case diameter: 39mm.
Official price: RMB790,000
    In addition, there are high-end watch shops with many internationally renowned watch brands including Glashütte, Chopard, Omega, Radar, Longines, Hamilton, Certina, Tissot, Tag Heuer, Le Méridien, Frederique Constant, etc. The new outfit is unveiled to appreciate the happy moments with you.
New ‘Freak’ Tourbillon in Athens
    Watch Ghost-Dr. Oklin’s Freak Seven-Day Caruso Tourbillon. The biggest feature of this watch is the absence of hour and minute hands, no face plate and crown. The movement shows the time through the movement of the movement. The two splints on the movement rotate along the central axis to display hours and minutes. The upper bridge of the Athens two-way escapement is revolutionized. It rotates once per hour and is used as a minute hand. The lower splint is rotated once every 12 hours and has the function of the hour hand. Whimsical Freak 7-Day Tourbillon, another outstanding feature is that it moves the central axis of the movement directly from the surface of the crystal glass, which is an unprecedented bold design, which also proves the creative watchmaking process of the Athens R & D team. .
Official price: RMB737,700
    In recent years, more and more internationally renowned watch brands have attracted more and more people’s attention. The qualitative changes in life and the expansion of the public’s spiritual demand have indirectly stimulated the rapid development of the watch industry in China. More and more collection-level boutique watches have attracted everyone’s attention. With its complex functions, luxurious materials, scarce production and memorable significance, it has become an essential choice for most high-end people who pursue life taste. In this era of demonstrating personality and not following the trend, on the occasion of the 18th birthday of Shuang’an Shopping Center, Shuang’an International Watch Festival will send the most fascinating ultimate goal for every watch fan, and create more happy lives for customers. Experience and consumer experience, also share these happy feelings with customers attentively.

Girard-perregaux Launches New 1966 Full Calendar Watch Introduction

Girard-Perregaux launched a new complex performance style ‘1966 Full Calendar’ watch, which is also equipped with Girard-Perregaux’s most developed GP033M0 self-made watch movement; perfect The round case is made of ultra-thin platinum, with full calendar display performance on the dial, the day of the week and month display at 12 o’clock, the moon phase display at 6 o’clock, and a date indicator around the moon phase. In the transparent sapphire case back, we can admire the highly precise and impressive movement of the movement. This delicate new work of the year, with a crocodile leather strap with folding buckle, presents a classic and elegant style. Girard-Perregaux 1966 Full Calendar Platinum
Case: Platinum
Diameter: 40 mm
Movement: GP033m0 automatic winding movement
Power: 42 hours
Function: junior hand, date, week, month, moon phase performance display
Bottom cover: see through
Water resistance: 30 meters
Strap: crocodile leather
Limited: 100 pieces

Categories: watches

2000 Oris Col Moschin Limited Watch

The Oris Col Moschin Limited Watch was created by Oris and the Assault Corps. The Corps wore this watch during training sessions and tested it in all directions.

    Reference 6 6 7 7 6 4 5 7 2 8 4 with mechanical winding movement. Multi-piece D L C coated copper-gray titanium case with a diameter of 49 mm. Tungsten plated upper ring. Screw-down crown, black dial, fluorescent hands, hours, minutes and seconds displayed in the center. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock. Rubber strap with adjustable length copper-gray D L C-coated seat belt buckle, water-resistant to 100 meters. Professional diving watch box with Co l M o s c h i n army team logo. Limited edition of 2,000 pieces worldwide.

Chanel–when Watchmaking Meets Jewelry

Première Flying Tourbillon is an outstanding and poetic representative of the perfect combination of superb watchmaking and fine jewelry. The 228 diamonds (about 7.7 carats) set in the 18K white gold case and bezel are shining, highlighting the simple lines of the Premiere series. As we all know, its shape is inspired by the geometric structure of Fontaine Square and the stopper of the famous Chanel No. 5 perfume.

However, the unique geometric structure can be seen on both levels of this jewelry watch style. Above the central body is a bezel that surrounds the black ceramic dial. The oblique cut edges make the edges clear, adding vitality and gloss to the watch. The double case structure also creates many possibilities for gem setting. The lower half of the case can be set with vertical rectangular long stepped diamonds, the corners are dotted with square-cut diamonds, and the side of the bezel can be set with round diamonds. Alternatively, the bezel can be set with baguette-shaped diamonds, or decorated with diamonds and other gemstones to mix their brilliant light and create a new and harmonious combination. The forms and combinations are almost endless. On the edge of the case, the large crown is also set with baguette-cut diamonds and round diamonds.

The meticulously carved jewellery radiates a bright light, which sets off the rotating flower carving on the dial. This floating tourbillon is presented in a camellia pattern, staggered petals are made of metal precision, and the center of the diamond is surrounded by a translucent fine-mesh grid, which further embodies the delicate texture of the flower. The camellia floating in the sky rotates once every minute, and the rotating petals show the flow of every second. Off-centre hour and minute hands are placed above the black dial, which is also decorated with diamonds. Considering the size of the diamond and the slender gold hands, this process is not easy in itself.

This is not only a fine jewelry, but also a top watch. This poetic and mysterious camellia is actually a floating tourbillon. Although it includes the adjustment mechanism of the watch (that is, the escapement, balance and hairspring), because there is no upper bridge, its frame can rotate freely as if without weight. This watch, developed in collaboration with Swiss craftsmen, engineers and watchmakers from Audemars Piguet’s high-tech research and development base Renaud & Papi (APRP), is truly a masterpiece.

With the advent of the Première Flying Tourbillon floating tourbillon, Chanel presents women with a truly complex and multifunctional mechanical watch, which proves that its unique method and flashing poetry can coexist.

Material interaction

Another amazing combination of materials is the combination of high-tech precision ceramics and diamonds. At first glance, it seems unlikely. High hardness, smoothness and strong corrosion resistance, this high-tech composite material combined with diamond formed by carbon precipitation over a long period of time has produced wonderful results. With the support of diamonds and gems, Chanel’s representative (and for the first time, high-tech precision ceramics shined with noble beauty) J12 watch’s balanced and elegant structure is more vivid, and further strengthens the easily identifiable design.

Whether it’s simply bezel-set diamonds or radiant pavé diamonds, J12 clearly shows its diversity. It always appears in different appearances, but it never loses its true color.The design of the body and bracelet is unchanged, allowing high-tech precision ceramics, white gold, gold, round diamonds or baguette-cut diamonds, and emeralds, rubies and The various versions of sapphire are wonderful.

组合 The representative of this combination is the new J12 watch made of 18K white gold, Cognac (or pink) sapphire and high-tech titanium ceramics. The unique color and luster of the high-strength anti-scratch material is added to the ceramic and polished with diamond powder. The light from 36 Cognac (or pink) baguette-cut diamonds (6.1 carats) inlaid on the bezel is set against the unique soft luster of precision ceramics.

On the dial, twelve diamonds represent the hour scale. This J12 watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement with a case diameter of 38 mm and 33 mm. Water-resistant to 50 meters, the back cover and triple-fold buckle are made of titanium. Another subtlety is the 18K white gold crown set with Cognac (pink) sapphires. Number: Pink sapphire model is H3125, Cognac sapphire model is H3295 and another J12 high jewellery watch is an 18K white gold watch set with 1018 diamonds (about 11.9 carats). The effect is strikingly dazzling. This watch, all covered with pavé diamonds, significantly enhances the powerful and simple lines of the J12 case, bezel, dial and soft bracelet.

The black dial is surrounded by diamonds, with twelve black diamonds representing the hour scale. The crown is set with 12 diamonds (approximately 0.07 carats) with a pointed onyx gem. Water-resistant to 50 meters, this J12 high jewellery watch is equipped with high-quality quartz movements, which are available in diameters of 38 mm, 33 mm and 29 mm. Number: H2919

Discover the secrets of the Mademoiselle Privé watch

The ‘Mademoiselle Privé’ logo hanging on the door of Ms. Chanel’s studio is the inspiration for Chanel’s name for the new series. These pure and simple watches are paired with exquisite dials that evoke the highest creativity.

经典 Mademoiselle Privé’s classic round case has no lugs and is integrated with the strap. The clean lines are best suited for snowflake-encrusted diamonds, but also allow some other processes to be done on the dial of this new series.

装饰 Inspiration of this decorative work comes from the famous Coromandel Chinese ebony lacquered screen that still decorates Ms. Chanel’s apartment. The French brand handed over the responsibility of Da Minghuo micro-painted enamel to reproduce some exquisite oriental ebony lacquered screens to Anita Porchet, who is the most well-known expert in the field of watch enamel. Porchet covered a thick, black enamel on a pre-carved dial. This task requires not only superb artistic skills, but also mastery of the secrets of micro-painting of enamel by the Great Fire. This work means that she can only apply one color at a time, because the colors will change during operation, so each color has a specific baking time and temperature. At each step, a small mistake in the baking process can cause all hard work to go to waste.

Because the design is made from Coromandel’s Chinese ebony lacquered screen, the names of each scene are carved on the gold back of the case, so each watch is unique.

The perimeter body is covered with white snowflake-shaped diamonds, giving the watch a silky feel, with a black American alligator leather strap. There are two simple hollow hands on the dial. The dial is beautiful and elegant, with outstanding features. It is truly a work of art.

Symbolic thinking

完美 Mademoiselle Privé’s perfectly round dial fits all forms of poetic and jewellery design. Constellations, comets, planets, camellia, feathers … so many patterns are inspired directly by Ms. Chanel’s symbolic thinking, so clever to find unique expressions, so many different ways to highlight the overall thinking of Chanel Superb craftsmanship involved in the series. In this regard, La plume (feather) is a tribute to Ms. Chanel’s ‘Bijoux de Diamants’ diamond jewelry collection. This series of imaginative freedom and modernization came out in 1932. It was in this series that the pattern of feathers was first presented in the form of a luxurious brooch.

The hollow, sexy, and ready-to-fly feathers, just like other boldest boutiques, are full of unlimited imagination. Here, on the black ceramic dial of the Mademoiselle Privé series is a stunning feather motif made of 18K white gold, decorated with diamonds and pink sapphires set in grain and invisible methods, showing subtle tone changes. The pink lacquer on the top of the feather highlights its beauty. The 18K white gold case has a diameter of 37.5 mm and is covered with snowflake-set diamonds and pink sapphires. The Mademoiselle Privé feather watch uses a self-winding mechanical movement with a 42-hour power reserve, a black Mississippi alligator leather strap, and a diamond-set buckle.

As the favorite flower of Gabriel Chanel, Camellia also appears elegantly in another watch design that combines gem setting and mother-of-pearl engraving. This camellia composed of more than a dozen different elements is carved with mother-of-pearl, and the shapes of the petals carved by hand are different. Exquisite inlaying and stitching, these petals of camellia are reminiscent of the smoothness and softness of real flowers.

娇 This beautiful camellia blooms on a black onyx dial with seven diamond hour markers, making the watch exude a breath of life and feminine charm. This magnificent watch is crafted in 18K white gold and diamonds and features a high-precision quartz movement. Two completely hollowed out flower-shaped hands complete this artistic work. This Mademoiselle Privé watch comes with a black satin strap and a diamond buckle.

Swaying With A Ray Of Moonlight, Keep This Years Quiet Good

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and it is another year of reunion. In the autumn evening, if you can enjoy the moon with your family in cinnamon, it must be a joy in the busy life. Li Bai once used the famous phrase ‘only wishing to sing against wine, the moonlight shines in Jinzunli’ to lament that the moon is long and the life is short. It can be seen in Chinese classical culture that the moon not only represents the image of reunion and miss, but also represents With the eternity of time.

   The ancient Chinese lunar calendar is a calendar arranged according to the phase of the moon’s phases, and the passage of dates is calculated from the cloudy and sunny days. During the operation of the moon, its observing changes constitute a traceable monthly cycle. In English, the lunar calendar is translated as a lunar calendar (‘the calendar of the moon’). This factor full of Chinese philosophy has led humanity’s endless exploration of the moon.

   Generations of scientists have explored the relationship between moon phase and time in the changing sun, moon and stars. At this year’s Baselworld watch exhibition, Jacques de Lo presents three new 43-mm large moon phase seconds hands: the Grande Seconde Moon Ivory Enamel and the onyx moon phase Grande Seconde Moon Onyx and Grande Seconde Moon Silver. Jacques Dro watchmakers have incorporated astronomical moon phases into the square of the wrist, and its production is extremely challenging given the precision of this complex function and its impact on existing mechanisms. Jacques de Droy uses astronomical moon phases and only needs to be corrected once every 122 years and 46 days. This error is almost imperceptible within a generation, but it shows the rigor and precision of the movement design. The specially developed ‘135 device’ benefits from a carefully calculated gear reduction ratio, which is more accurate than the traditional device equipped with 59 teeth, which accumulates one day of error every 2 years, 7 months, and 20 days.

   Based on previous explorations, Jacques Dro faithfully reproduces the lunar cycle on the moon phase large seconds watch: a specially designed double-layer dial that rotates clockwise once a day as the moon phase changes, and the wearer can appreciate the lunar calendar at a glance Mysterious mystery, time display is clear and readable. The moon phase can be adjusted by simply pressing the button at the 8 o’clock position using the adjustment needle provided with the watch. In addition to its powerful functionality, the rich and diverse finishing industry reflects the brand’s high level of leanness. Following the design of the large seconds hand of the classic watch, the upper and lower dials are the same as the number ‘8’: the upper dial is the hour and minute display, and the lower dial is the date display. The exquisite moon stars are shining in the deep night, and the simple shapes and elegant lines are memorable. The Grande Seconde Moon is a veritable mechanical masterpiece as well as an aesthetic masterpiece. Jacques de Luna’s large moon phase seconds hand is intertwined with the luxurious brilliance of onyx, pure gold and silver-plated opal, which is poetic and magical. It is also an invitation to meditation and inquiry, which makes people realize the time mystery that human beings can grasp by looking up at the sky. In the final analysis, the vast and deep night is also the source of Hongmeng that gives meaning to life.

   There will be a cloudy day, but the wisdom and exquisite aesthetics of technology will last forever on the watch. Jacques Delo borrowed three moon phase large seconds watches, wishing each family a happy and peaceful time. Nung, moon and new moon.

Ivory large enamel moon phase large seconds watch
Double ivory large open flame enamel dial with 18K red gold three-dimensional bezel. 18K red gold case.
Blue steel moon phase dial, 18K red gold stars and 22K yellow gold moon inlaid. At 6 o’clock, an analog date display and moon phase are provided. Mechanical self-winding movement.
Power reserve is approximately 68 hours.
43 mm diameter.

Onyx Moon Phase Large Seconds Watch
Black agate dial.
Stainless steel case. Black agate moon-phase dial, 18K white gold stars and 22K white gold moon inlay. At 6 o’clock, an analog date display and moon phase are provided. Mechanical self-winding movement.
Power reserve is approximately 68 hours.
43 mm diameter.

Silver Opal Moon Phase Large Seconds Watch
Silver-plated opal dial.
Stainless steel case. Blue steel moon phase dial, 18K white gold stars and 22K white gold moon inlay. At 6 o’clock, an analog date display and moon phase are provided. Mechanical self-winding movement.
Power reserve is approximately 68 hours.
43 mm diameter.

‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story’