Baoper Releases China Dragon Caruso Commemorative Limited Tourbillon Watch

With the increasing importance of the Chinese market to global luxury consumption, major top brands have launched top customized products for Chinese consumers. As the Year of the Dragon draws near, they naturally will not let go of this ‘dragon totem’ concept, which is very special and important to the Chinese. Switzerland’s top watchmaker Blancpain produced a limited edition of the Chinese Dragon Carlo Russell watch a few months ago. Blancpain China Long Car Russell Limited Edition priced at RMB 1,392,500
LANBLANCPAIN This Carussell watch is both a carrousel and a tourbillon. The watch critic Mr. Zhong Yonglin praised the BLANCPAIN 1-minute coaxial car Russell watch as a great masterpiece beyond the tourbillon. The design of the dragon totem on the back of the pendulum is carved in K gold. The dial follows the design of the yin and yang dial of Carnol in 2008. In 2008, Blancpain launched Carsol, a complex movement that belongs to itself, completely breaking the embarrassing situation of the tourbillon without breakthrough, and unveiling the decades of Carrussel controversy The mystery — Carrousel can be coaxial, and it can also make a circle in 1 minute, which was usually only achieved by tourbillons in the previous hundreds of years.
This is a landmark event in the history of world watches. After that, Carloso’s watch was made into the only contemporary watch from the Palace Museum.
For five thousand years, the descendants of Yan and Huang worshiped the dragon as a fetish. Until today, the Chinese are still full of deep and inexpressible emotions to the dragon. It can be said that the dragon has evolved into a symbol of the spirit of the Chinese nation. Status sign.
The gold dragon engraving is used for the dragon totem on the pendulum on the back of the Chinese Dragon limited edition Caruso watch presented this time. The dial follows the design of the yin and yang face of Qian Kuangsu. 43.5mm red gold case, Cal.225 automatic Carrussel movement, 262 parts, 100 hours power reserve. The back of the case is numbered in a limited edition. The quantity of 50 pieces in the world is even more precious.

This Moment Was Born For Me Tissot Watches Together With The Brand’s Best Friend Chen Feiyu To Explore The Power Of My Wrist

Shuttle through thousands of roles, lingering in life and work, always adhere to the true self in the role change at every moment. He is a new urban youth, he is a basketball teenager, he is a close friend of TISSOT brand Chen Feiyu, he gives the role an extraordinary meaning, and he gives a fresh energy to time. At this moment, Chen Feiyu wore a Tissot Carson Zheni series watch and a special speed-watch FIBA ​​watch on his wrist. Together with TISSOT Tissot watch, he explored the power of “not being defined by the past and not bound by the future”.

Chen Feiyu, a close friend of the TISSOT brand

Shuttle character interpretation
  He is a beginner who is feeling Baiwei’s life in the light and shadow world. He is also a basketball teenager who loves pottery and solitude in life. In his work, he has great ease between different roles. In his life, he calmly calms down and responds to the ever-changing world with the same true identity. Chen Feiyu’s attitude towards life coincides with the concept of ‘this moment, born of me’ advocated by the Tissot Carson Zhen I series watch worn on his wrist.

Chen Feiyu, a close friend of the TISSOT brand

  The Tissot Carson I watch is a wrist present for new urban youths like Chen Feiyu from TISSOT. The watch is equipped with a mechanical power 80 movement, and its power reserve can reach 80 hours, even if it is picked up after work on Friday. With the watch, it can still work accurately on weekdays, giving the wearer the power to adhere to the true self during the leisurely time. On the simple dial, the hour hand clearly records the dream-seeking steps of urban young people, and the stainless steel case is a solid backing for urban young people who have encountered setbacks. At this moment, TISSOT and Chen Feiyu wished thousands of urban youths to shine forever and fight forever.

The future of basketball teenagers can be expected
  Shutting between the characters and also on the court, Chen Feiyu on the basketball court is confident and bright, and has great vitality. He displays the unique charm of basketball teenagers in the moment of the shot. Hot September coincides with the fierce progress of the FIBA ​​FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup. TISSOT Tissot watch brand friend Chen Feiyu wears a Tissot Speedo series FIBA ​​special watch handsomely and will show the summer basketball wave.

TISSOT’s best friend Chen Feiyu unveiled a special Tissot FIBA ​​watch

  Chen Feiyu in life likes to be alone, enjoys thinking, accumulates in thinking, and down-to-earth in action. The basketball spirit in his eyes is the same, ready to make breakthroughs, and brave to create the next chapter in life. With his actual actions, he interpreted the brand spirit of TISSOT ‘at this moment by me’ to the fullest, and also explained the attitude of modern urban youths who dare to persist in their own life.

TISSOT’s best friend Chen Feiyu wears Tissot FIBA ​​special watch

  The Tissot Speedline FIBA ​​special watch incorporates the passionate attitude and youthful vitality of basketball into a full range of immersive scenes. The watch is equipped with the FIBA ​​official basketball leather strap, and the back cover is engraved with the FIBA ​​official logo, as if The never-ending spirit conveyed in the basketball game is engraved at every challenge moment. This watch with a stainless steel case resists impact, and fights side by side with you like a comrade in the stadium; the black dial with white hands and hour markers can instantly see the time when the wearer lifts his wrist. At this moment, he raised his wrist and gave a beautiful lore.

TISSOT’s best friend Chen Feiyu wears Tissot FIBA ​​special watch

Technical Parameters:
Tissot Carson Zhen Men’s Watch Reference Price: RMB 5,450
-Made in Switzerland
-Mechanical power 80 movement
-Rose gold PVD-coated steel case with polished details
-Sapphire glass and transparent case back with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 5 bar
-Brown calfskin strap
-Size: 40mm * 40mm

Tissot Speeding Series FIBA ​​Special Reference Price: 2,850 RMB
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz chronograph movement
-316L stainless steel black PVD case
-Water resistance to withstand a pressure equivalent to 10 bar
-FIBA official basketball leather strap
-The back cover is engraved with the official FIBA ​​logo
-Size: 45mm * 45mm

Omega Teamed Up With Winter Olympics For More Than 70 Years. Sochi Will Repeat The Timing Task In 2014

On February 7, 2014, the Sochi Winter Olympics will be grandly opened. Now this event has entered its first anniversary countdown. Nine Omega countdown clocks across the Russian Federation are counting down every minute. To that exciting moment. Omega will provide designated timing services for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. This is the 26th time that Omega has won the Olympic Games designated timing since 1932. At the Winter Paralympic Games, which opened on March 7, 2014, Omega will do the same.

 In 1936, Omega served for the first time as the designated timekeeper for the Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. At that time, only one Omega timekeeper was used to time all the games, and 27 high-precision Omega chronographs were all his equipment. For more than 75 years, Omega continued to enrich the brand’s innovation and sports timing tradition, and developed and introduced many cutting-edge sports timing technologies.

Omega, who has long been associated with sports, is looking forward to participating in the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the near future, and witnessing the world’s top winter athletes competing for the Winter Olympic gold medal in Sochi with enthusiasm and energy. As the designated timekeeper, Omega is very honored to work with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), individual sports federations and athletes to ensure that the timing technology used for the 2014 Olympic events will always reflect the spirit of the Olympic Games and accurately capture it. Every tiny moment that determines the result.

Timing technology in the Winter Olympics

 Electronic ordering system

 The futuristic omega red starting gun made its debut at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. It consists of a flash gun and a sound box. Previous firing guns are reminiscent of revolvers that are often found in western movies, and this new firing system is an electronic upgrade of traditional gunpowder firing guns.

 When the commander pulls the trigger of this brand new device, three things happen simultaneously: the command sounds, the flash lights, and the start signal is transmitted to the timing device. When the trigger is pulled for the second time within two seconds, the signal of a run will sound. The sound can be changed and downloaded from a computer.

 Compared with the traditional starting gun, another practical advantage of the new electronic starting gun is that in the airport security inspection, it will not cause high alert and panic.

 Optoelectronic eye

 There are two optoelectronic eye devices at the end of the track, and the devices are placed at different heights to ensure that they can only be triggered by athletes’ ice skates. Both optoelectronic eyes need to be triggered to determine and record the match time to ensure accurate results. In racing competitions, multiple factors are often used to determine results.

 At the 1948 London Olympics, Omega introduced optoelectronic eye equipment to the Summer Olympics for the first time. The famous ‘Slit’ finish camera also debuted at the Olympic Games. The finish camera was completed by Race Finish
Recording Company), which is now widely used on the field.

 Optoelectronic eyes can accurately determine when the competitors cross the finish line. However, in some short distance competitions, the players may cross the finish line almost at the same time, and sometimes they cannot even determine the order of crossing the finish line without dispute. The end camera can capture instantaneous images and print them out within 8 minutes, thereby eliminating all disputes about the ownership of the first and second runners up.
More than sixty years after these breakthrough technologies were introduced, they have evolved several times and still play an important role in world-class events. The combination of optoelectronic eye technology and the image of the end camera opens a new era for sports timing.

 Scan’O’Vision light-sensing camera

 No matter how focused, the eyesight of the human eye is limited after all. At the finish line, the highly sensitive optoelectronic eye replaces the human eye and can stop the timer instantly. Lightning-fast currents eliminate errors caused by timekeeper response times. In sprints and other short-distance racing competitions, it may happen that the players reach the finish line at the same time. Therefore, other timing equipment is required to be used in conjunction with the optoelectronic eye. The performance of the optoelectronic eye at the finish line significantly surpassed all previous timing devices, making the finish line exit the historical stage.

 Since the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, Omega has adopted a light sensor camera (Scan ‘O’ Vision) to determine the finish time of players in the racing category. In the speed skating event, the moment the skater crosses the finish line, the timing time displayed on the scoreboard and TV screen will immediately stop, but the final result is the time measured by the light-sensing camera.

 Inter-frequency radar transceiver

 Extremely lightweight and reliable transponders will be worn on the legs of the contestants, so that Omega can accurately measure, record and announce the instantaneous time and ranking of the contestants and teams during the competition.

 Omega Seamaster 37.5mm ‘Sochi 2014’ Limited Edition

 In 1932, Omega launched the world’s first professional diving watch-the Omega Marine watch. For more than 80 years, Omega has been synonymous with professional diving watches. Such a glorious achievement will definitely please the design pioneers of Omega Marine Watches. At the same time, the adventurous women have become loyal fans of the Hippocampus Ocean Universe watch, which will surely surprise them even more.

 The Omega Seamaster 37.5mm “Sochi 2014” limited edition watch is as solid and reliable as the 45.5mm men’s watch, and has the same outstanding professional diving performance. This unique women’s watch is bound to become one of the most attractive souvenirs of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

 This 37.5mm model is exclusively for women. The matte and polished stainless steel case is equipped with a white unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel with diving scale. Like the ‘Sochi 2014’ limited edition men’s watch, the 1-5 minute scale on this watch bezel is covered with blue lacquer, while the 6-10 minute scale is covered with red lacquer.

 The watch features a screw-in matte case back with an embossed ‘Sochi 2014’ Olympic emblem, engraved with ‘Si 14’ (silicon) and a limited edition number (such as 0001/2014) . The helium exhaust valve is at 10 o’clock.

 The hour markers on the white lacquered dial and the polished three-dimensional rhodium-plated hands are coated with a white luminous coating that glows blue in low light. The dot at 12 o’clock on the minute hand and the diving bezel glows green. This feature makes it easy to read the time with one glance when diving. The watch is equipped with a central hour, minute and second hands and a calendar window at 3 o’clock.

 The Omega Seamaster 37.5mm ‘Sochi 2014’ limited edition watch is equipped with an Omega 8520 coaxial movement, this movement is one of the important members of the Omega family of coaxial movements. The Si14 silicon balance spring mounted in the movement has excellent anti-magnetic properties and can be largely resistant to vibration and external interference. This watch has stable and reliable quality and long-lasting outstanding time performance, and enjoys up to four years of after-sales service guarantee. Like every Ocean Universe, this model is water resistant to 60 bar / 600 meters / 2000 feet.

 The first anniversary of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics countdown!

 On the countdown to the first anniversary of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Omega unveiled its new official countdown clocks set up in 8 cities in the Russian Federation. The numbers on the countdown clock beat every minute, every hour, every hour, and time lapse. It is the exciting moment of the opening of the Sochi Winter Olympics on February 7, 2014, and people’s expectations and excitement also Then it became more and more intense.

In May 2011, Omega unveiled the first countdown clock for the 2014 Winter and Paralympic Games in Sochi. Today, in addition to Sochi, Omega is located in eight cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Pyatigorsk, Novosibirsk and Khabarovsk. A countdown clock was also set up.

The Omega Countdown Clock cleverly uses bright colors and transparent elements. The unique design aims to reflect the spirit of Sochi’s fusion of history, tradition and modern style, and its vitality and diversity. Its striking appearance is reminiscent of Sochi’s contrasting natural features, not only the towering snowy mountains that will host multiple Winter Olympics projects, but also the rolling Black Sea coast. Such a unique countdown clock will surely become one of the new landmarks in the city, creating a stronger Olympic atmosphere.

Omega is proud to be the designated timekeeper for the 2014 Sochi Winter and Paralympic Games. This will be the 26th time Omega has been designated as the Olympic timekeeper since 1932. Omega is very much looking forward to providing professional timing services for the world’s top winter sports players who are celebrating the event at this Olympic Games that embodies the Olympic tradition, Olympic culture and modern Russian spirit.

Elie Bernheim Takes Over Raymond Weil

Elie Bernheim, grandson of the founder of RAYMOND WEIL, an independent watch brand, took over the management responsibility from his father Olivier Bernheim and became the new leader of the family business. This marks the third generation of the watch brand, and Elie Bernheim has been named the brand’s chief executive officer (CEO).

Elie Bernheim, grandson of founder of RAYMOND WEIL becomes CEO of the brand, bringing new life to RAYMOND WEIL

After graduating from the famous Hospitality Management School of Lausanne in 2006, Elie Bernheim joined RAYMOND WEIL. As the grandson of the founder of the brand, Mr. Raymond Weil, and the representative of the third generation of the family, Elie Bernheim is regarded as the guardian of the continuation of the brand heritage. In his eyes, professional watchmaking skills and adherence to brand values ​​are the foundation of this heritage .
Elie Bernheim started his career at RAYMOND WEIL, and this family heritage is the cornerstone of this watchmaking company’s decades of standing. In Elie Bernheim’s view, respecting the values ​​of the ancestors when they started a business is the foundation for the future of the brand, and this will be the key to his enthusiasm and confidence to lead the family company to success. With expertise in watchmaking, marketing and corporate management, Elie Bernheim has focused on the development and optimization of RAYMOND WEIL’s global strategy in recent years.
In addition to being analytical and pragmatic, she is also passionate about life, art and music. His love for music, inherited as the mother of a professional pianist, is also the source of inspiration for the current RAYMOND WEIL product development and market positioning. Taking over management duties from father Olivier Bernheim, Elie Bernheim becomes the new leader of RAYMOND WEIL. Olivier Bernheim joined the family business in 1982. In 1996, he became the global president and CEO of RAYMOND WEIL, and will continue to serve as chairman of the board and corporate advisor.

On A Hot Summer Day, Let A High-end Watch Bring You Cool

Summer is a season full of personality and fashion. Every girl will dress herself in an extremely fashionable fashion in summer. In addition to beautiful clothing, there is also a fine watch. Although choosing a favorite watch requires careful selection from multiple angles, today, we only look at the value, and hope to use it to cool ourselves in the hot summer.
Blancpain WOMEN women’s watch

   The watch dial is decorated with a graphic design of freshwater mother-of-pearl inlaid patterns, which makes the water pattern and light and shadow effects very impressive, which is a cool touch of summer, and the two rows of diamonds on the bezel also add to the watch countless.
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   1.CHLOÉ Layered Pleated Silk Chiffon Dress
   2.Blancpain WOMEN women’s watch
   3. LOEWE embossed leather clutch
   4.AQUAZZURA Sexy Thing leather-trimmed cutout lace sandals

The Date gold-tone women’s calendar watch in rose gold, with its small size and jewelry-like gorgeous details to conquer women’s hearts, diamond-set case and color strap together, everywhere reveal the elegant summer atmosphere.
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   1.ADEAM velvet stitching chiffon dress
   2.Jaeger-LeCoultre RENDEZ-VOUS DATE
   3.GIVENCHY Antigona vintage rose medium textured-leather tote
   4.DOLCE & GABBANA embellished embossed lace heels
Roger Dubuis Velvet self-winding watch

   Not to mention that every detail of the watch conveys the meticulous spirit of fine watchmaking in Geneva. The black numbers and inlays of the dial and the case between the round and barrel shapes make the watch extremely design Of course, the powder of the watchband has some grayscale, which is especially pleasing.
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   1. MIU MIU Lace Organza Trim Cardi Fabric Mini Dress
   2.Roger Dubuis Velvet self-winding watch
   3.FENDI By The Way mini appliquéd leather shoulder bag
   4.Valentino lace-up suede pointed-toe flats
OMEGA 32.7 mm coaxial watch

   The watch has a white mother-of-pearl dial and a unique polished butterfly pattern, which stands out against the matte background. The stainless steel case with 18K red gold bezel and white satin leather strap also bring coolness to this summer.
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   1.NEEDLE & THREAD embellished chiffon gown
   2.OMEGA Classic 32.7 mm Coaxial Watch
   3. CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Irona mirror-embellished glitter glitter plexiglass clutch
   4.FRANCESCO RUSSO leather sandals

Stylish Men’s Accessories That Can’t Be Seen At A Glance Three Featured Watch Recommendations

In this age where the value is higher than the skill, it is more popular to look at people. The exposed fashion and accessories naturally become the first business card to make a first impression. Good accessories can make you handsome without leaving a trace, and the kind hidden behind a simple appearance is different. Is the best footnote for self-appreciation. Although there are so many wristwatches, people can break through the ‘natural machine’ at a glance, but how can the real glamour men’s sought-after models be easily recognized?
Mido Belem Celli M027.408.16.058.00 watch

Model: M027.408.16.058.00
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Calfskin
Case diameter: 39 mm
Watch price: ¥ 8700
Watch details: 80 fully automatic movement watch. However, this is not the most important part of it. This watch has a built-in silicon hairspring material, which was used for the first time by Mido. It not only has good resistance to temperature difference, but also has better magnetic resistance and shock resistance than ordinary hairsprings. Therefore, under normal wearing conditions, it has virtually made it more accurate than other watches. Such a clever advantage, but it does not show the mountains and dew, and then matched with a formal dress, handsome.
Tissot HERITAGE T104.405.16.012.00 watch

Model: T104.405.16.012.00
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 45 mm
Watch price: ¥ 7550
Watch details: 7800
Details of the watch: The hand of Béhar, in his design concept, is designed to better integrate functions into life. Wearing a watch will change with the movement of the wrist, and the visual effect of the dial will change. Therefore, the three-dimensional structure is used as a prototype. The dial scales are all wrinkled, showing a light and shadow effect.

In summary: men’s own styles, such as fashion, retro, casual, romanticism, British classics, etc., each have corresponding accessories, let their charm release naturally. However, the overly straightforward design makes these all so thin, why not choose a watch with inherent characteristics, leaving your personality with a wilderness to explore.

Shu Qi Wears Lvcea Tubogas Halo Watch And Shines At Basel Bulgari Global New Product Launch Conference

[March 21, Switzerland] Bvlgari’s new product launch event was grandly opened at the Baselworld Watch Fair 2018. Bvlgari brand spokesman Shu Qi appeared in Basel for the first time, wearing a breath of spring. The green long dress, wearing the Bulgari 2018 new Lvcea Tubogas halo watch, embellished with sparkling jewellery, and Bvlgari started a new time journey to interpret the goddess halo. Shu Qi, together with the global media and people from all walks of life, witnessed the launch of the new Bvlgari watch.

Shu Qi attends Bvlgari’s new product launch

   As a Bulgari goddess of muse, regardless of the state, Shu Qi is shining and colorful: her talent and love for performance in her career has won the recognition of professional awards and the love of countless film fans. A radiant goddess; she is free and easy in life, and dares to act daringly; in love, she devotes herself wholeheartedly and gains her own happiness and happiness. No matter in her career, love, or family, Shu Qi is shrouded in halo, but she has never lost herself, and she continues to seek breakthroughs and adhere to the most authentic personality and style. Just like the Lvcea Tubogas halo watch, it expresses the multi-faceted charm of modern women and self-confidence and self-confidence. It is the unique halo that belongs to every Bulgari woman. She shines brilliantly.

Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari Group, communicates with Shu Qi

   Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the Bulgari Group, described Shu Qi as a shining woman who truly explained the power of the Lvcea series of light. Shu Qi also shared her with everyone at the press conference Love Lvcea Tubogas Halo Watches: ‘Lvcea Tubogas Halo Watches take design to a whole new level, using Bulgari’s iconic Tubogas bracelet design, stylish and comfortable, very suitable for women to wear everyday.’ Lvcea watches are timeless Classic, it has a strong feminine character, reminiscent of the bold and unique jewellery created by Bulgari rooted in Roman culture, showing the unique charm of Italy.

Shu Qipe presents the new Lvcea Tubogas halo watch

   The newly released Lvcea Tubogas halo watch continues to carry the ‘Power of Light’. For the first time, Bulgari’s most iconic Tubogas bracelet technology has been introduced, highlighting the profound historical accumulation of the jewelry family and becoming an outstanding example of Italian style. The stylish and classic Tubogas bracelet lingers on the round dial like a halo, allowing women to shine brightly anytime, anywhere.

Bulgari 2018 new Lvcea Tubogas halo watch

   The new Lvcea Tubogas closely connects light and time, and expresses the confident, elegant, delicate and sexy temperament of Shu Qi and Bvlgari women. Time slips down like a quicksand, and you are as firm as ever. No matter how time passes, your aura is so dazzling, like the Lvcea Tubogas halo watch, charming and unique.
   The new Bulgari Lvcea Tubogas halo watch will be fully available in May 2018.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Blancpain’s New Chinese Calendar Limited Edition ‘ji Dog’ Watch Presents 2018 Chinese Zodiac Year

In order to welcome the upcoming Chinese New Year, Blancpain has specially launched a new limited edition Chinese calendar watch, which presents the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog with a unique and unique watch manufacturing process. To pay tribute to this ancient and long-lasting Chinese culture of the Chinese calendar, Blancpain’s LeBrassus large-scale manual watchmaking workshop has created this practical and highly symbolic watch, which means the year of the ‘Bong’ year of the Ji dog. .

Blancpain Villeret classic series Chinese calendar limited edition ‘Ji Dog’ watch, the 12 o’clock position of the dial shows the zodiac dog pattern

   This Chinese calendar reflects the mysterious beauty of traditional Chinese timekeeping, using the timekeeping principles that have been ingrained in China for thousands of years. The layout of the chronograph dial is exquisite, and the hour, minute and standard calendars are jumping on the dial. It also integrates important timing elements in the traditional Chinese calendar, such as twelve hours (24 hours), the lunar date, the lunar month (in combination with the leap month display), The zodiac year even includes five elements and ten heavenly stems. The twelve zodiac signs correspond to the twelve Earthly Branches, which are matched with the Ten Heavenly Stems in turn, forming sixty basic units or sixty stems, commonly known as ‘sixty Jiazi’, which constitute the core content of traditional Chinese culture. As an important timekeeping element in Blancpain’s full calendar watch, the moon phase profit and loss function is more closely related to the traditional Chinese calendar, which played an important role in the operation of this timepiece.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Chinese Calendar Limited Edition ‘Ji Dog’ watch with gold pendulum engraved with zodiac dog pattern

   Different from the standard calendar with the solar day as the basic unit, the traditional Chinese lunar calendar uses the yin and yang calendar system, that is, the solar calendar with the monthly transport period (29.53059 days) as the basic unit. A lunar year contains 12 lunar months (354.36707 days), which is about 11 days less than a lunar year (365.242374 days). Therefore, in some years, there will be a leap month (as shown by the red dot below the ‘wa’ on the dial) to match the cycle of the four seasons. Since each Chinese lunar month (including the leap month) begins on the day of the new moon, the month is 29 or 30 days long. It can be seen that the lunar year including the leap month is actually 13 months, which is longer than the solar calendar. On the contrary, the lunar year without the leap month is only 12 months, which is shorter than the solar year. The typical characteristic of this traditional calendar is the cause of the uncertain date of the Chinese New Year.

   The new Chinese calendar ‘Ji Dog’ limited edition watch is equipped with Cal.3638 self-winding movement, the movement consists of 464 parts set with 39 ruby ​​bearings, power reserve up to 7 days. The watch is complex in craftsmanship and exquisite in technology. It perfectly presents many time elements without periodic patterns on the dial. Among them, the hour hand, minute hand and standard calendar are located in the center of the dial.

   The small dial at 12 o’clock displays hour numbers and characters (24-hour cycle); the five-line element and ten-day stem at 10 o’clock (10-year cycle); the lunar month at 12 o’clock (12-month cycle) , Lunar calendar day (30-day cycle) and leap month; the year window at 12 o’clock shows the zodiac year (12-year cycle), and the moon phase profit and loss display is located at 6 o’clock on the dial. 2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog. A zodiac dog stands up at 12 o’clock, which means that the 2018 Year of the Dog is booming.

   The watch uses a 45 mm diameter platinum case, the crown is decorated with a convex round cut ruby, and under the lugs are 5 hidden adjustment buttons that are patented by Blancpain, which at the same time ensure the simple and smooth lines on the side Beauty. The watch combines all the classic logos of the Blancpain Villeret series, such as a double bezel, a large open flame enamel dial, a hollow willow-shaped hand, a snake-shaped blue steel hand indicating the standard calendar and so on. The new Chinese calendar ‘Ji Dog’ watch is limited to 50 pieces, each of which is equipped with a gold pendulum, engraved with the zodiac dog pattern for the 2018 Chinese New Year.

   This new Chinese calendar watch is also available in a non-limited edition in red gold.

Tuoruder Watch X Jay Chou, Ignite Dare For Night

Shanghai, a bustling city with a mix of Chinese and Western
There is an ancient tradition of lane alleys
There is also an urban sky built by glass curtain walls.
Focus on the Shanghai World Expo Creative Show
Tudor 1926 Dare To Night
Same as classic and modern
Uranus appears ‘on time’
Timeless words and phrases

Melting classics into modern times, Jay Chou has the most say.
With extraordinary talent and strength
Jay Chou runs through the West in the field of music.
The ‘Zhou Family Musical Style’ that combines Chinese style with western music,
Since its birth, it has broken the inherent conventions of Chinese music.
Perfect achievement of ‘new classics of the times’.
Tudor 1926 debut
Traditional Essence × Modern Craft

Tudor 1926 series is elegant and natural,
Respect the brand’s classic and represent world-class superb watchmaking technology,
It deserves to be the watch of choice for Jay Chou.
A model of precision design and craftsmanship from Switzerland,
A sophisticated yet understated temperament for Asian wearers.

Jay Chou and the Tudor 1926 series are in close agreement,
Like friends, like old friends,
While adhering to the concept of melting ancient times into the present and blending Chinese and Western,
She also has the courage to push the boundaries and is born to dare.

Shine ‘Dare to Night’
Bright history × cutting-edge technology

Cool and changeable light and shadow effects,
Important elements on the dial of the 1926 series-
Warp and weave diamond pattern.
Shuttle through the staggered grid structure,
Enter the red and black fantasy space-time built by Tudor.

Models gracefully debut in the 1926 collection.
Four sizes, unisex.
But young sports, fashionable and chic;
Can mature and stable, restrained and atmospheric.
Tudor 1926 series,
Compatible with thousands of personalities, perfect and versatile interpretation of strength.
The intersection of hip hop pop and modern dance,
Dancers’ creative cooperation with light and shadow,
Inject a creative future into the brand for nearly a century.

Step into the ‘Time Promenade’,
The hands on the watch are constantly dialed back,
From 2018 back to 1926, when the brand was founded,
Every Tudor watch is durable
The perfect combination with elegant design.
To create an immersive experience,
Tudor uses cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate try-on experience.
If you are in a new time and space,
Witness Tudor’s declaration to the new era: born to dare.

Shanghai · Jay Chou · Tudor 1926
Interpretation of classic and modern
Fusion of Chinese and Western, through ancient and modern
A night in Tudor 1926

Cartier Has Gone Up In Price.

It is not too late to get to the topic. A few days ago, I remember that on January 13th, a ‘Cartier price increase notice’ was widely reproduced among domestic watchmakers and notified each other. This notice, with the signature of Cartier China CEO and Cartier China’s Deputy Director of Distributor Business, detailed the price increase of Cartier. The original text said ‘Since the beginning of last year, the foreign exchange rate has fluctuated abnormally, so Cartier decided Reorienting some works and adjusting China’s suggested retail price. ‘ ‘This adjustment involves some non-precious metal watch works, including K-gold and stainless steel gold watches, and all-steel watches. There are more than 260 models, including works on sale and some discontinued works, with an average increase of + 3.8%. . The adjustment will take effect on January 23, 2017 ‘. Some watch manufacturers further stated that low-priced models will increase by 5%, and friends will buy and cherish them.

Not long ago, circulating price notifications were circulating among domestic watchmakers.
   In fact, before this announcement was issued, at the end of last year, through the domestic secondary market’s Cartier watch trading market, I already felt that the prices of various major models of Cartier watches were rising. The increase is in the thousands of yuan. And at the same time, the popular models have started to be out of stock. Cartier’s hottest blue balloons in steel shells have started to decrease from 42mm large blue balloons to 36 and 33 medium and small blue balloons. While Cartier raised prices, it was also difficult to find a table (some popular models were not greatly affected, and fewer people have always bought popular models). what is this? Cartier prices have risen, do we still buy them?

The blue balloon is Cartier’s hottest watch, especially the 42mm large steel case blue balloon, which is very strong and good value.

In the secondary market, there are more blue balloons in the middle gold than all steel, because more gold is more expensive, and more people buy all steel.
Does Cartier protect the value?

   To answer this question, I want to tell you a story first. About two or three years ago, this happened. An editor of a newspaper wrote an article that roughly reads: ‘The prices of Cartier watches and jewellery on the auction floor are very low. Cartier watches of 50,000 and 60,000 on the auction floor cost more than 20,000 yuan or even 10,000 yuan. If you can buy it, Cartier’s watches and jewellery are not valuable, and they do not maintain any value at all. ‘At the time, this article also caused some influence in the watch industry. When I saw this article, I felt very funny. This must be an article written by someone who did not understand the watch market and thought he saw the ‘truth’ for the first time when he saw the auction market. Friends who know the watch market and auction market know that Cartier is also a popular watch in the auction, and the value of the watch is relatively strong. Blue balloons of 40,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan were sold at the auction site for more than 20,000 yuan. In fact, they were very normal and the results were good. Many of Cartier’s auctions are comparable to Rolex’s. Rolex’s price is similar to Cartier’s. The transaction results are no different from Cartier’s, and more than 10,000 Rolex is also very common. You know, at the auction, more than 20,000 yuan Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin are available, as well as several thousand dollars Omega. Could it be said that Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, and Omega are not valuable or worth preserving?

The price of this platinum and blue balloon has actually exceeded many Rolex DAY DATE.
   For those who have been in contact with watch transactions all year round, everyone knows that Cartier’s mainstream style has always been the world’s most traded watch. Popular models, including blue balloons, have comparable Rolex prices and prices. Last year, a 42mm large blue balloon with an 18K white gold case was sold for 100,000 Hong Kong dollars at the auction site, worth about 88928 yuan. Everyone should know that this price is already the same as the full gold DAY DATE of the Rolex gold head gold chain. The entry price of the Rolex DD auction is about 70,000 yuan. The value of the blue balloon has exceeded the flagship DD of Rolex. The situation I have recently encountered is that the secondary market price of 42mm large blue balloons with steel shells has even exceeded 30,000. This price is more stable than Rolex 214270, 116570, and the previous generation, 36mm steel shells. DATE JUST and Omega AT8500, PO8500 hippocampus. A 33mm small blue balloon quartz movement also has more than 30,000 gold models. Even so, Blue Balloons are still out of stock and in short supply. What does this mean? It shows that people have a great demand for Cartier, and people love blue balloons. Driven by the blue balloon, Cartier Caribo’s market is also rising, but the increase is not as large as the blue balloon, but it has also increased by several thousand yuan. These figures are not my own, but everyone can find them. In the past year, there are two brands that have made me feel that the market is trending up. One is Rolex and the other is Cartier.

The auction price of this Rolex 118339 is 106,250 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 93,612, which is not much different from the platinum and blue balloons in the front. Everyone notices that this Rolex DD is still set with diamonds, and 4 lugs have diamonds.

The transaction price of this Rolex 18238 is not as high as that of the platinum blue balloon. 18238 is also the most popular DAY DATE on the auction and secondary market. The value of Cartier is evident.
Why can I buy it after the price rises?

   Again, let me share a story with you first. This is the story about the green water ghost. Everyone knows that Green Water Ghost is the most popular watch in the bezel. Lushui Ghost has a working price of 70,000, but the specialty store has been out of stock for a long time. The secondary market of this watch is around 50,000 yuan and 60,000 yuan. It can be seen that the gap with wages is very small. When the green water ghost was at a low level, the secondary market price once reached below 50,000. With the rise of Rolex prices, it quickly reached 50,000, 52, 52, 3, and in short, rose slowly. Some people want to buy a green water ghost, but they always feel that the price will come down, but slowly find that the price goes up little by little, the more expensive the more, the better it is better to buy early.

Driven by the rise in Cartier’s market, Cartier Caribo’s market also went up.

Tank MC using Cartier’s own 1904MC movement is also one of Cartier’s popular models.

   Why Cartier and Green Water Ghost are the same. Because for these watches that are in great demand in the market, they are not like niche watches, and few people buy them. The price of a watch is very high. When no one buys it for a long time, the price itself drops. However, watches like Cartier’s popular models, especially blue balloons (steel case) from small to large, are popular watches around the world. Many people are waiting to spend a lot of money to buy watches. In the face of such a consumption environment, prices may be lower Are you here? This situation has created a stable market for blue balloons comparable to Rolex. You won’t buy a ‘very cheap’ Rolex, nor will you buy a ‘very cheap’ blue balloon.

This Santos with a size of only 35×23.5 is still a quartz watch and can take 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, which is actually quite normal.
Why is Cartier so energetic?

   Power comes from strength. One thing I did before was to get the price of each brand below 100,000, and to find the most popular watches in the secondary market and wear them one by one (I will not talk about specific brands and specific watches, all major brands have ). Do n’t know, do n’t know. The difference between the similarly priced watches is surprising. Some watches with a price of 100,000 do not show a grade of 100,000, but some watches that are not too expensive show a sense of superiority beyond the level. I later found out why. The treatment of the case greatly affects the sense of luxury of the watch. Some more expensive watches use a titanium case to brush the case. The matte effect formed by the brushing makes the watch lose some of the sense of luxury. On the contrary, the curved case of the Cartier blue balloon has caused a very good reflective effect on the watch case, which greatly increases the sense of luxury of the watch and is very beautiful to use. So I always think that Cartier’s watch does not need to look at the movement at all, because what I bought is a century-old classic and timeless shell, which is enough.

If you have to say that Cartier’s watch is relatively weak, it is that Pasha and sports cars are not as hot as blue balloons, Santos, and tanks, but this large Pasha is also very beautiful.

Cartier’s jewelry is also popular.

Including this bracelet, when did Cartier’s value drop?
   It makes sense that Cartier watches are loved by people all over the world. High recognition, high level of sense, reasonable pricing, strong stored value ability, and stable market. Even if the price rises, it is better to buy it late than to buy it later. The price will continue to rise after buying early. Who have seen luxury watches getting lower and lower? The general trend of the price of luxury watches is only possible to rise, it is impossible to fall. Buy it early and wait for it to continue to rise.