Chocolate Classic Racing Series V2 Watch

ETA 2894-2 self-winding movement, with a power reserve of about 42 hours, certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), 18K rose gold case, case diameter 47.8mm, waterproof 100m, rectangular black rubber And stainless steel timing buttons, black rubber stainless steel screws, natural black rubber strap with Dunlop racing tire pattern from the 1970s, 18K rose gold folding buckle, limited to 500 pieces.
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     The most attractive aspect of the sports watch is that it can continue a person’s favorite activities and become every bit of life. This continuation also allows people to relive their passionate moments at any time. Try it out, can this Chopard Classic Racing Series work on your wrist?

488 Thousand Rmb Of Rolex

Yesterday, @ 富 艺 斯 广告 行 PHILLIPS auctioned a rare Rolex Sea-Dweller series prototype watch Ref.1665, and the final transaction price was as high as 700,500 Swiss francs, or about RMB 4.88 million. The Sea-Dweller series can be traced back to the cooperation between Rolex and French underwater engineering company Comex and the US military in the 1960s. In order to adapt to deep-sea saturation diving, Rolex added a new patented ‘helium exhaust valve’ to the side of the case based on the Ref. 5513 of the Water Ghost series, and then specifically Ref. 5514 for Comex. The ‘helium exhaust valve’ has also become the distinguishing point between the sea-dweller series and the water ghost series. Many people think that the helium exhaust valve is very high-tech. It can automatically adjust the pressure inside and outside the case to prevent the watch from being broken. In fact, the structure of the helium exhaust valve is very simple. Just a water-proof rubber ring, a short metal rod, and a spring leaf, the working principle is exactly the same as the pressure cooker valve used in the home. When the internal pressure of the case is high, the spring leaf deforms and drives the metal rod to protrude outward, and the high-pressure gas inside is released through the gap between the metal rod and the case. Once the internal and external pressure is balanced, the spring leaf returns to its original state, naturally driving the metal rod to retract, and the external moisture is isolated by the rubber ring. After further upgrades, the waterproof depth was increased from 200 meters to 500 meters for water ghosts, and began to mark the dial with ‘Sea-Dweller’, and the white font was labeled ‘Submariner water ghost’. ‘Single Red’. By this period, it still belongs to a small-scale experimental stage. ‘Sea-Dweller’ is also subordinate to ‘Submariner’. In 1977, 10 years later, Ref. 1665, which was officially released for sale, cancelled the design of the two-line font ‘Sea-Dweller’ and ‘Submariner 水鬼’ printed in red on the dial, only marked with white capital ‘Sea-Dweller.’ 1977 is also known as the Nether Envoy series in the narrow sense, separated from the Water Ghost series, a key year of its own. The Rolex Ref.1665 prototype sold this time belongs to the American diver Robert Palmer Bradley, who was working on a deep-sea submersible ‘Deepstar-4000’ designed by the famous marine explorer Jacques Cousteau on the East Coast of the United States and the Caribbean. The area conducts diving and studies marine geology and biology, which is affiliated with the Office of Oceanography of the United States Navy. In November 1968, Rolex presented this watch to Robert Palmer Bradley in honor of the 500th dive of the Deepstar-4000. At present, most of the original engraving on the back of the case has been lost, but it can be discerned to distinguish Bob’s name from the 11th. However, not all Sea-Dweller prototype watches have a ‘helium exhaust valve’, because it was still in the development and testing stage. Because these watches are prototypes and used for intense field testing, not many have survived over time. Researchers have now found 12 ‘Single Red’ Sea-Dweller sea dwellers, none of which have helium exhaust valves. At the same time, according to Jose Perez’s statistics, the current Rolex of Robert ‘1602913’ is the earliest known Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665.

Classic Aesthetic Features Brief Comment On Piaget Altiplano Series Platinum Watch

Piaget watch with the reputation of ‘jewelry timer’ was founded in 1847 by a count of Georgia in a small village in Switzerland. Piaget launched the MissProtocole watch series in 1998. In conjunction with various interchangeable straps, it launched the Altiplano ultra-thin watch series. Today, the Watch House brings you a short review of the Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch. The official model of the watch is: G0A33112.

The ultra-thin design concept is the core of Piaget’s culture and history. From the 1950s, a series of movements inspired by 9P and 12P inherited the thinness and perfect performance of two legendary movements. The latest 1200P and 1208P movements set a new record today, making the classic aesthetics of Piaget’s Altiplano ultra-thin watch series even more extraordinary.


This Piaget Altiplano white gold watch features a 40mm diameter design and an 18K white gold case. The clean and elegant dial is lined with slim Barton hands, adding a contemporary low-key luxury to this Altiplano watch.


The watch is the perfect expression of simplicity and elegance. Only pure and simple works can become classics from generation to generation. The Piaget Altiplano series, whose name is reminiscent of its birthplace and design features. Every Piaget ultra-thin watch is produced in accordance with specific design rules.


The watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap, sewn with black thread, and the buckle is made of 18K white gold with a pin buckle buckle, which is easy to wear and has the classic “piaget” logo engraved on the buckle.


Piaget’s Altiplano collection, which seeks for ultra-thin watches, perfectly embodies Piaget’s superb watchmaking skills. The thickness of this watch is only 6.6 mm, and the Piaget 838P manual winding movement inside is only 2.5 mm thick.


From the clear and round ultra-thin case, the simple design of the dial, the slender hour hand, to the short bar-shaped hour markers or Roman numerals, all show the unique style of Piaget Altiplano.


The watch is equipped with a Piaget-made 838P manual winding movement. The movement is based on the 830P movement. Compared with this, its unique feature is that it has a perfect power reserve and is only 2.5 mm thick. This movement belongs to the family of the legendary 9P movement and is also one of the third generation ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movements of Piaget. The 838P movement is equipped with a screw balance wheel unique to advanced watchmaking. It features an eccentric small second hand set at 10 o’clock, which has not only become the signature feature of the Piaget brand, but also upholds the exquisite and delicate movement of the 830P movement. And the decorative details such as the circular Geneva wave pattern, the round-finished main splint, the chamfered bridge, the blue steel screws, the Piaget family emblem, all show the aesthetic standards that this Swiss watch brand upholds, making this movement more outstanding .


Summary: This watch, which inherits Piaget’s classic aesthetic characteristics, is the perfect endorsement of simplicity and classic, and was named the best watch in 2008. The sleek design of the dial is lined with slim Barton hands, adding a contemporary understated luxury to this watch. The current price of the watch at the Earl’s Store in Beijing’s Oriental Plaza is RMB 147,000. (Photo / Wen Watch House Chen Zhongyun)

For more watch details, please click: piaget / 9045 /

Panerai Ferrari Scuderia Double Chasing Chronograph

Estimated price: 5000-8000 Swiss francs
Commission price: 9600 Swiss francs (about RMB 59145)
【year 2006】
【Overall description】
Case diameter 45 mm, thickness 17 mm. Limited one, number FC029 / 200, case number BB1314598, model F6657, limited to 200 pieces, good condition, stainless steel cushion-shaped two-piece case, polished and frosted, dart-shaped lugs, screw-in transparent Case back, chronograph button and crown, round chronograph button, push-button at 8 o’clock, sapphire crystal, large size, waterproof function, self-winding, black dial, small seconds at 9 o’clock, 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock , 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, black dial outside tachometer, black coated stainless steel hands filled with luminous material, yellow push-buttons, stainless steel Panerai double-fold concealed buckle, with case, certificate and small Booklet.
[Movement configuration]
OPX VIII movement, rhodium-plated, fish scale polished, 31 rubies, vertical lever escapement, Glucydu r balance, self-compensating spring, suspension, fine-tuning device, stop-second device, dial, case and movement Are signed.
评论 [Review]
The cooperation between Panerai and Ferrari is a successful case of “marriage” between cars and watches. Ferrari’s position in the sports car field echoes Panerai’s emergence in the watchmaking industry. Since ending the cooperation with Girard Perregaux and turning to Panerai, Ferrari has developed a self-recognized style. Today, Ferrari watches are sold at Panerai stores. Although not as sought after as some of Panerai’s classic models, they also add a bit of choice to the purchase of watches. Compared with the ‘Authentic’ Panerai, the bezel and lugs of the Panerai-Ferrari watch have been redesigned. The thicker crown is a big sign, and the yellow dot above the crown is A standard point, after turning out the crown, the position of this point must be strictly & quot; rectified & quot; every time before it can be screwed in accurately.

Lv Women’s Tambour Glamour Series Women’s Diamond Inlaid Steel Watch

LV women’s watch is loved by consumers for its excellent quality and appearance. Here we introduce the Tambor Glamour series LV women’s watch, diamond-inlaid dial, stainless steel case decoration, so that whenever you look, it is uniquely attractive. Although men’s requirements for watches are higher, for women, a suitable high-quality watch is also essential. LV Women’s Watch: Tambour Disc Amarant Large Watch
  This LV ladies Tambour Disc Amarant large watch, Louis Vuitton’s iconic Tambour watch series has added a new member, the charming Tambour Disc watch. The unique dark fuchsia lacquered Monogram dial, set with 2 white diamonds in a disc shape, creates a dramatic contrast effect.
  LV Women’s Watch: Tambor Spin Time Large Automatic Watch
  This LV Ladies Tambour Spin Time jewellery time rotating large automatic watch, 39.5 mm, created a new time display method, highlighting the outstanding watchmaking technology of Louis Vuitton. This precious and poetic watch is set with black and white diamonds and is equipped with a self-developed time-lapse spinning movement. The rotating cylinder on the dial can display the hours and minutes can be read by the hands. The product is gold and white in color.

Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Watch Tastes Exquisitely Beautiful

Parmigiani’s new Tonda 1950 watch is pure and noble, with an extremely elegant appearance. At the same time, it has a high level of comfort and time. View: return to the true, and interpret the absolute classic. Parmigiani’s new Tonda 1950 watch is pure and noble, with an extremely elegant appearance, while at the same time possessing a high level of comfort and time. Viewing: return to the true, and interpret the absolute classic. The Tonda 1950 watch explains the core of Parmigiani’s style: appearance. Small and refined. Its appearance perfectly highlights the brand’s signature qualities-4 ergonomically designed round lugs. Tonda 1950 is the latest ultra-thin classic watch launched by Parmigiani. It is available in rose gold and white gold, with key scale display of hours, minutes and small seconds.
    Twelve Parmigiani-developed movements will be built with components that ensure time accuracy and versatility, namely ultra-thin self-winding movements. The new PF 701 calibre interprets the aesthetics in a number of ways. Its diameter is 30 mm (13 ¼ centimeters) and its thickness is only 2.6 mm. Soon, this movement will also add a date function. Since the space has been planned for the new parts in advance, it will not affect the delicate appearance of the Tonda case: thickness 7.80 mm, diameter 39 mm. This movement is equipped with platinum 950 miniature eccentric automatic oscillating weight, which can work continuously for 42 hours. The Tonda 1950 watch features hours, minutes and small seconds. The 12 time zone indexes are displayed plainly and elegantly on the black or white polished dial. The principle behind savvy mastery is to not affect the ultimate beauty under the precision of time.
    Not only is the Tonda 1950 watch elegant, but its movement also incorporates Parmigiani’s exquisite high-end watch decoration elements-very few brands can incorporate watch decoration into such a small mechanical device. The nickel-silver main plywood is sandblasted, round-finished, and rhodium-plated. The bridge is sandblasted, frosted, or Geneva rippled, then manually chamfered, and finally rhodium-plated. At the same time, both sides of each gear have been eye-catching-chamfers, grooves and round finishes, and gold plated before cutting.
    The high-standard modification of each component is derived from the unique combination of Parmigiani’s core competitiveness, which is the basis for Parmigiani Manufacture, which ensures that every movement it produces has its own Top quality. The new Tonda 1950’s movement and all designs, including the hour markers on the dial, are all made by Parmigiani.
    The simple Tonda 1950 watch also inherits Parmigiani’s watchmaking technology, which is reflected in all aspects of its delicate design details.

Tonda 1950
Style: Tonda 1950
Movement: PF 701
Automatically wound. 42-hour power reserve.
Movement size 13 ¼ centimeters – 30 mm diameter, 2.6 mm thickness
Frequency: 3 Hz-21,600 vibrations / hour
29 gems, 1 barrel.
‘Côtes de Genève’ (Geneva ripple) decoration, chamfered bridge.
Miniature Oscillator.
Functions: small seconds at hours, minutes and 6 o’clock.
Round 3-part case: 39 mm diameter. Thickness: 7.8 mm.
Material: 18K rose gold, white gold. Polished.
Water resistance: 30 meters.
Anti-glare sapphire crystal.
Crown: 5 mm in diameter.
The case back has sapphire crystal.
The individual number is engraved on the case back.
2 types, ‘graphite’ and ‘white with wood grain’.
Polished diamond setting, milky background. Delta-shaped hands with luminous coating.
Strap: crocodile leather strap, rose gold and white gold combination, polished pin buckle

Longines Sports Style Concas L3.695.4.19.6 Wristwatch Tasting

The image of Longines brand watches in the eyes of Chinese people is diversified and popular. The price range of the entire series of watches is wide, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. It provides a path from the people to the luxury. Center Moon, Comcast, Master Craftsman, Jialan, and Soymia are the main Longines series. Most of Longines watches have no strong sports style, but the Comcast diving series is an exception. In addition to its excellent diving ability, it feels quite tough. The sales performance in the market is also very good, today Xiao Bian brought you the appreciation of the watch model L3.695.4.19.6.

The theme color of this watch is relatively pure. The stainless steel material gives it a silver metallic luster. The size of 41 mm is moderate in men’s watches, which can be matched by most men. Its bezel is red. Red represents the passion of fire. Its addition adds a lot of vitality to the tough appearance of this watch, making this watch more suitable for young men to match. Its dial is white, and it is clean in the red bezel, which adds youthful vitality to our watch.
 The functions of this Concas watch are not many. A date display window at 3 o’clock provides us with a date display function of great practical value. For professional diving watches, its diving function is quite outstanding. The water resistance of 300 meters is quite satisfactory. With a rotatable bezel, it can help divers easily calculate the remaining time of entering the water.

 The Longines Concas watch still has a lot of fans in the watch, this watch’s combination of sports style and elegance is bound to be loved by many young people, its bright red in the water Bring us unlimited movement. This watch does not have any special functions, but it has the support of the self-produced L619 movement, and its basic functions have a high quality guarantee. And its offer is quite low among the same type of watches, friends who want to start Longines diving watch is a good choice.
 Watch details: longines / 29957 /

Iwc Will Auction Large Pilot Special Edition Platinum Watch

Sotheby’s will hold an auction of ‘Important Watches’ in Geneva on May 9, 2010, at which time the only special edition of the world’s only large pilot ‘Saint Exupery’ will be sold Platinum watch. This is a masterpiece of Swiss-made pilot watches, with outstanding appearance and performance. The eye-catching design is also elegant and elegant, the high-quality platinum case with a smoky brown dial and the military pilot engraving of Saint Exupery. Classic functions and sophisticated machinery make a unique watch. IWC’s 51111 movement, Pellaton automatic winding device, seven-day power reserve, power reserve display, Breguet hairspring and date display, etc., all make it Stands out in the same class of timepieces, and its distinguished status is also reflected in the auction reserve price. The auction will be held at the Hotel Beau Rivage in Geneva on May 9th, when the special pilot Platinum Edition Saint Saint-Exupery will be accompanied by Nathalie des Valli & eacute ; res) A ​​special edition of the biography of St. Exupery’s ‘Angels and Writers’ was sold with a base price of 50,000 Swiss francs. IWC watches donate the entire proceeds of the auction to the French World Organization for Children’s Human Rights (EMDH), which works to protect children and their rights around the world. IWC supports their project in Madagascar in particular. The World Organization for Children’s Human Rights has worked with local partners to assist unfortunate children since 1994.
致 Tribute to Saint Exupery
IWC Antoine in honor of a generation of pilots and humanitarians. The fourth Pilot’s Special Edition watch from Antoine de Saint Exup & eacute; ry completes this unique watch collection. Each of the three special editions launched earlier is related to one of St. Exupery’s novels about flying, and the fourth pays tribute to the full collection of his works. Saint Exupery was born in Lyon, France on June 29, 1900. He was 44 years old when he crashed into the sea during a military reconnaissance mission in southern France. IWC President Joachis expressed his great anticipation for the auction: ‘St. Exupery’s work reflects the true spirit of piloting, and now pays tribute to all his handed down works and writes the perfect ending for our Tribute Four Chapter. Whoever wins this world-renowned watch will not only get the extraordinary honor that the watch brings, but also help children in need in Madagascar and bring them more opportunities for development. ‘
IWC and Saint Exupery
Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen and Soci & eacute; t & eacute; Civile pour l & rsquo;? Uvre et la M & eacute; moire d & rsquo; Antoine de Saint Exup & eacute; ry) concluded in 2005 partner,
The two parties have jointly launched a number of cooperation plans. The special edition watch in honor of Saint Exupery was first launched in 2006. The pilot series began with automatic pilot chronograph watches. In 2007, there were pilot automatic watches. In 2008, the series continued with Universal Time watches. . Every time the auction proceeds are used, IWC will discuss with the Saint Exupery Civil Society to ensure that the purpose of donations reflects the values ​​that Saint Exupery had adhered to during his lifetime.
Bright prospects brought by the World’s Children’s Human Rights Organization
的 Proceeds from this auction will be donated to the French World Organization for Children’s Human Rights (EMDH), which works to protect children and their rights around the world. Since its establishment more than two decades ago, the organization has put into practice the provisions and principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in many countries. IWC will donate the proceeds of this auction to help the unfortunate children of the African island country Madagascar and bring them more development opportunities. Madagascar has 70% of the population living below the poverty line, and more than half of families and children fail to afford medical services provided by doctors or hospitals. The World Children’s Human Rights Organization’s main work in the local area includes education, health care, social services and other projects. It aims to prevent child labor and the exploitation of children.

Memorial Edition Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Seiko Spring Drive Space Walk Watch

Recently, Richard Garriott visited the International Space Station as a self-guided tourist. He encouraged SEIKO to produce a commemorative edition watch for global launch to raise awareness of the need for more private space travel.
Now that the quality of the watch has been proven by its EVA test for five and a half hours, SEIKO Seiko can proudly announce that they will launch a commemorative SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk in early 2010. And only 100 pieces are made.

SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk, Commemorative Edition
This watch will have the same instructions as the one in space, but with one change, it will use a spiral crown. The original crown instructions were not screwed because engineers were concerned about the automatic winding function of the watch under weightless conditions. Therefore, for convenience, a non-spiral manual winding is selected.
However, whether inside or outside the International Space Station, the perfect watch operation proves that the automatic winding mechanism works perfectly in space.
The serial number will be engraved on the back of the case, and the watch will naturally be sold in its custom counter.
Source: Seiko Watch Corporation

Baoji And Christie’s Auction House Held A Grand Exhibition

According to the watch house, on October 1, 2013, the famous high-end watch brand Breguet and Christie’s auction house held a grand exhibition. This exhibition is based on the theme of dialogue with art. The vast exhibition also attracted the warm welcome of countless guests.

 Many people may be familiar with the auction houses mentioned above. Christie’s (S. Christie’s) is one of the world’s leading art auction houses. The collection features rare artworks, watches, jewellery, cars and fine wines from around the world.

 Currently, Christie’s has offices in 90 major cities around the world, and regularly holds auctions in 16 locations around the world. It also provides auction-related services, including art storage and security, education, art picture libraries and Property, etc. In 2005, Christie’s global auction turnover totaled 1.8 billion pounds (3.2 billion US dollars), which is Christie’s highest record in history, further confirming its leadership in the industry.

 This exhibition has achieved unprecedented results in both scale and influence. The entire venue not only exhibited a lot of time-honored jewellery and watches, but also more excitingly exhibited famous art dealers. Collection of Jan Krugier’s collection.

 For decades, anyone who frequents auctions will be familiar with such a figure. He often appeared at Sotheby’s or Christie’s, always wearing a fedora with a carefully tilted side, and a cigar in his hand. In the auction hall, he usually sat in the front row and often bid to attract him Gaze works.

 They are either paintings by Picasso, sculptures by Giacometti, or sketches by Victor Hugo. At the Art Fair, these works will surely be presented in his booth gorgeously, and they will usually be set at a dizzying price, so that collectors know that he does not really want to be separated from these masterpieces.