Roger Dubuis Releases Velvet Haute Joaillerie Advanced Sapphire Jewellery Watch

The Velvet famous actress series is like a poetic ode to advocating feminine charm, with courageous style to set off graceful luxury. This series of watches exudes brilliance confidently and elegantly, conveying the passionate charm of the world of Diva red spirit in a unique and vivid way. The “decisiveness” of Roger Dubuis is always present throughout the brand’s watchmaking process. It symbolizes the tireless spirit of watchmakers in Geneva and is determined to satisfy the needs and tastes of the most demanding customers There are naturally no shortage of female customers. The Velvet Celebrity Series is the best manifestation of this boldness, which proves that the luxurious and elegant style can coexist in harmony with the subtle pleasure of playful derailment, just like the typical Diva red spirit. This series of timepieces exudes strong personality charm and unique style, which not only becomes the focus of all eyes, but also brings new vitality to watchmaking creation.

   If each gem is not set in the most advantageous and most prominent position, even the finest and highest quality gems cannot emit the brightest light. The Velvet Haute Joaillerie high-end jewellery watch showcases Roger Dubuis’s superb jewellery skills. It uses three main traditional hand-mounted techniques: long-angle step-cut diamonds are fixed with claw settings, and goldsmiths craft The completed base holds the diamond high, so that it stands proudly on other parts of the watch; the rectangular-cut diamond set in the case and buckle uses double-headed long-neck inlay technology, while showing the diamond’s pure straight line The setting error is also strictly controlled to maintain the smoothness of the watch’s radian; the diamonds on the dial and ring are set in secret, which is the most complicated and unique method of manual setting. All diamonds are closely connected, completely enclosing the platinum setting underneath, thus giving this time unparalleled brilliance.
   These models are equipped with a satin strap with a high-end custom fashion texture, giving the watch a unique and elegant touch. Since the satin strap is inherently very delicate and fragile, each watch comes with an additional alligator leather strap for daily wear.
With these new models equipped with the same movement but showing different charm, each woman can choose white or rose gold timepieces and express her style in many different ways: each wants to be in the bezel, dial , Ring, lugs, buckle and decorative position, and even the requirements of personalized treatment on the crown, will be carefully focused feasibility study and rigorous implementation plan. This unique opportunity provided by Roger Dubuis stores gives customers the freedom to imagine and inspire. One of the best ways for women to show their unique personality is to wear a highly customized craftwork carefully crafted by ingenious craftsmen on the wrist.