Sara Foster, Yuanyuan Power

She is an outstanding defender of the Swiss national women’s ice hockey team. Ice hockey is an endurance sport that requires an endless supply of power. Welcome the award-winning and energetic Sarah Foster to join the Le Méridien family.

   Hockey was originally a male-dominated fierce sport, and Sarah Foster, 26, is one of the outstanding female athletes in this sport. ‘This is a sport that has strict physical and speed requirements. Women need to make a name for themselves. Although we have not yet obtained the status of professional athletes, the love and passion for this sport has always led us to continuous improvement ‘The Swiss national women’s ice hockey guard explained.

   And this magnificent ambition also impressed Stéphane Waser, the general manager of Le Méridien, ‘Sara is a woman fighter! She has demonstrated a modern and open worldview with her determination and efforts. This striving to achieve The courage of personal goals deserves encouragement. Le Méridien treasures such talents and is happy to help them achieve their goals. ‘

   For Sara, working with Le Méridien is a natural occurrence. ‘Before, I had the honor to work for a brand and take this opportunity to understand the design and production steps of a watch. It is the mastery of the watchmaker’s mastery. The skill and enthusiasm for innovation make me even more proud when wearing my AIKON 35mm watch! ‘During the tour of the watch factory, she was impressed with the development of the AIKON series.’ I have witnessed the release of this watch series, but it is full of sights. The design of the watches still amazes me. And these watches are designed for ordinary customers, and each one wants to be treasured carefully! ‘