Summer Wind On Color Palette Hublot Women’s Watch Color Big Bang

In the hot summer, how can there be less colorful collisions? Girly pink, fresh candy color? No! The soft and delicate whitewashing is a thing of the past, and bold, confident, and full of tension is the best interpretation of this generation of ‘Muse’! In the summer of 2014, Hublot once again played with the explosion of women’s watches! HUBLOT Hublot, which has always been known for its ‘integrated art’, has integrated femininity and power into the design concept of the watch from the beginning to the end-never following but leading the fashion trend, while being adept at material collision, superb watchmaking technology and Modern aesthetics are ingeniously intertwined, giving off the beauty of feminine balance between rigidity and flexibility!
   The bold fusion of artistic aesthetics and a variety of materials brings a color collision like a palette, exuding a bright atmosphere like the sun. Pop Art, which was popular in the 1970s, first entered the elegant watch hall of luxury watches. A humorous and modern temperament; blending decorative art, geometric figures, and spectral chromaticity into design inspiration, and the ever-fading stained glass allows time to flow through the millennium, and Fanghua still exists between square inches; the most precious from nature As a gift, the rarest precious metal ‘锇’ on the earth was first integrated into the dial in the form of a crystal, so that women’s desire for diamonds has since been replaced; not only that, as the enduring theme of contemporary art, skulls and skulls on the fashion runway The outdated Denim Cowboy appears again in the design of the dial, projecting the fearless and confident light in the rebellion.
   Since the birth of the Big Bang fruit series in 2008, boldly using bright and lively colors, inlaid Hublot women’s watches including rare materials such as sapphire, amethyst, topaz, garnet, tsavorite and diamonds, have quickly achieved success The enthusiasm for women who are stylish, confident and self-explanatory. On the road of paying tribute to traditional watchmaking technology and modern art aesthetics, Hublot has never ceased to break through and innovate. Playing with the Big Bang is not only a reinvention and interpretation of art and fashion, but also a great proof of women’s individuality and confidence!
Big Bang Pop Art Watch

   Pop Art is a strong visual expression in the fashion industry, and it was all the rage in the 1970s! Considering how to live in the summer in Hold? It is better to use the colorful imagination boldly on the wrist and challenge the dull and monotonous clothing match. Pop art’s witty and optimistic modern temperament is undoubtedly regarded as a synonym for challenging, subversive imagination and distinctiveness!
   In the Big Bang series, what brilliant sparks did pop art collide with? Rose pink, blue, bright purple, apple green, the explosion and collision of colors are perfectly integrated in the four watches-colorful and vibrant, this is a 100% remodeling of Pop Art and Interpretation is the pioneer of fine watchmaking. At the same time, it continues the Big Bang’s iconic 41 mm diameter design. The bezel is set with 48 square stones. The dial is equipped with a colorful chronograph small dial, which evokes people’s beautiful memories of the painter’s palette.
Classic fusion spotted tourbillon

   Everything comes from simple inspiration: stained glass windows-colorful glass panes filled with Art Deco elements. Hublot boldly displays the inspiration of geometric figures and brilliant colors on the wrist, and it is the first to be attractive with bright red and lake blue, and the same color changes in multiple chromaticities. The multiple chroma of one color is presented between the wrists, which is evident to the deep foundation of visual art. The unique frame of the skeleton tourbillon movement is the reproduction of the pane structure, and the colorful colors intertwined with the colorful glass, finally creating such a creative and exquisite watch masterpiece.
   The design of the watch itself is particularly eye-catching: the frame of the hollow tourbillon movement builds more than 15 see-through panes, each of which has O-shaped parts to fix the lens and ensure that it does not expand due to heat. High-tech glass is used Different spectra can be filtered physically. Glass that never fades down to the micron range with precision laser cutting. Linking the past and the future, respecting tradition and incorporating the innovative thinking of the leading era, even if time passes, the watch still displays bright light and shadow colors.
Big Bang denim watch

   This is the first ever luxury watch brand to launch a watch series inspired by the ‘Cowboy’ design. The dial and strap of the watch are not made of ordinary denim fabric, but are exclusively provided by Italian denim fabric manufacturers who provide fabrics for the world’s top luxury and fashion brands. The breakthrough design is amazing. The Hublot ‘Cowboy’ watch series includes three women’s watches-the ‘BIG BANG Cowboy Series’. It was born by combining the design concept of watch distributor and hotel magnate Tina Zegg with the Italian brand DSquared denim.
   Your fingertips slide across the texture of tannin fabric, as if you can breathe the pleasant summer atmosphere. In this era of denim never being outdated, any accessory will stand on the forefront of fashion because of denim elements. Whether it is fashionable, rock, sexy, bohemian, retro, urban, traditional or tie-dyed, tannins are versatile in any style and will always be a must-have wardrobe for men and women.
Classic Fusion Sky Tourbillon

   Women are naturally attracted by the rarity and dazzling of diamonds, and the lesser-known mysterious gems are also bred in the universe, full of deadly psychedelic colors. The rarest precious metal on the earth, thorium, is incorporated into the dial in the world’s first crystal form.锇 The crystal structure is dense and very stable in the air. Therefore, the unique blue luster possessed by 锇 never fades, and the unique form of the crystal structure can be attracted by her bright luster no matter what angle you look at. The unique black frame of the skeleton tourbillon movement reproduces the structure of the pane, and the rare sapphire crystal dial creates a marvel of watchmaking. As a member of the platinum group metals, about 10,000 tons of platinum ore contain about 28 grams of plutonium. It is estimated that there are about 200 tons of plutonium in the world, and the reserve of platinum is about 13,000 tons, which shows its rarity. After the scientists from Switzerland crystallized thorium through a highly precise process: at the melting point of thorium (3033 degrees Celsius), the structure was changed into thallium crystals. This kind of rubidium crystals ranging from 0.1 mm to several millimeters makes Hubble’s rubidium crystal dial a real miracle. Wearing this watch that combines the world’s unparalleled skills and the gift of nature is just like traveling through the summer starry night and enjoying the infinite charm of the universe.
Classic fusion skull skull full of diamonds

   Skull and crossbones, an art symbol of flashy life, a recurring theme in contemporary art and fashion. From Andy Warhol to Picasso, from Niki de Saint Phalle and her heart-shaped nose skull, to Damien Hirst and His colorful skulls with diamonds … Skull skulls often cause us to reflect on the vanity of the void. The diamond skull on the dial of this classic Skull full skull watch is rebellious with a slightly playful smile in the twist,
   Undoubtedly, it will become the sought-after work of fashionistas full of personality and self-tension in this era! The 45mm diameter watch is an unexpectedly perfect fusion of modern rebellious spirit and traditional inlay technology. With a total weight of more than 5 carats, 1,168 diamonds shone with madness and reckless charm, transmitting fearlessness and confidence.
Classic Fusion Bone Tourbillon

   The iconic skull pattern, the most extraordinary design and craftsmanship, equipped with an ingenious ‘skeleton’ tourbillon movement, a visually impactful aluminumized ceramic material … As a whole, it still conveys the elegant temperament of traditional high-level watchmaking concepts.
   The bone-shaped design perfectly blends with the skull-shaped one-minute tourbillon (the tourbillon takes one minute as the rotation period) to create a unique and extraordinary work. They are a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity, boldly combining traditional watchmaking technology with innovations and breakthroughs in the 21st century. The last detail choice-Hublot’s first use of Roman numerals to make the entire watch more interesting.