Swatch’s Mother’s Day Gift

Swatch’s Mother’s Day Special ‘For You’ (GZ299), Act I:
   You are so familiar with her, you can imagine how she opened your gift:

   In a special package, a beautiful rose with various colors is ‘bloomed’ on the silver lid. And when she saw the rose watch Swatch in the box, you couldn’t help but smile.

   ‘You shouldn’t waste your money,’ said her mother, and when she wore her new watch on her wrist, she saw the rose pattern on the silver dial, and she laughed like you.
   ‘One more surprise.’ You lift the lid and take off a ‘rose’ brooch (silicone) attached to it, and don’t put it on the placket yourself!

   ‘This is so special!’ Said his mother. ‘Everyone wants to receive more flowers!’
   ‘I want to see your mother smile more.’ You replied.