The French Open Record Is Refreshed! ‘king Of Red Earth’ Nadal Holds The 12th Musketeer Cup

After three hours of hard work, the game officially entered the fourth round. At this moment, there was a sound of cheering for Rafa. Dominic Thiem finally faced Rafael Nadal. Strong serve, hit the ball and land over the bottom of the court, Yes!

Nadal wins 12th French Open men’s singles title
   Rafa, who was finally able to relax and tense, lay on his back, shed tears, and won the cheers of the audience. He broke his record once again and won the 12th French Open in his career. ) The men’s singles champion is worthy of being called ‘the king of red clay’ by the outside world. Even if the sweat on Rafa’s back was stained with red clay, it looked like blood, as if he was flying freely on the court. All this is hard to come by.

   In the men’s singles final on June 9, local time, Tim and Rafa each successfully saved the serve in the first 2 games. Even if Rafa suffered a break in the 3rd game, they still supported their physical strength with willpower, and fought each time to the 4th game. The serve is still sharp and the return is still strong. At the press conference after the final, Rafa said, ‘It is a dream and an incredible time to win again. When I played the French Open for the first time in 2005, I never expected that I could still play here in 2019 Under the men’s singles championship. ‘Compared to Rafa, who has handsome long hair at the age of 19 and started to shine on the French tennis court, now just celebrating his 33rd birthday, he has become more mature and stable in 14 years. At the same time, I was very impressed with Tim’s performance: ‘Tim is a player worthy of entering the finals. He is one of the bright spots on the tennis court in the future; he has inspired me and inspired many players.’ Facing his career so far18 The Grand Slam champion, Rafa said there are more goals ahead to be surpassed.

   This year’s French Open tournaments have suffered from rain and instant strong winds, especially the erratic wind speeds, and tennis experts are greatly troubled. In the Men’s Singles semi-finals semi-final on June 7, facing uncertain crosswinds, interfering with the accuracy of the serve, coupled with the slowdown of the clay court tennis after landing, it is susceptible to wind drift, and the player’s footsteps are difficult Federer suffers from the characteristics of control. Rafa, who played in the same field and under the same environmental conditions, seemed to be playing steadily, handling each swing more carefully, and finally defeating his opponent in straight sets, winning the 24th victory in the ‘Fener duel’ career battle. ‘Here I enjoyed playing against Federer here; to me, he is one of the greatest players in history.’ Nadal still couldn’t help revealing the hero’s love for the hero after the game.

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