This Moment Was Born For Me Tissot Watches Together With The Brand’s Best Friend Chen Feiyu To Explore The Power Of My Wrist

Shuttle through thousands of roles, lingering in life and work, always adhere to the true self in the role change at every moment. He is a new urban youth, he is a basketball teenager, he is a close friend of TISSOT brand Chen Feiyu, he gives the role an extraordinary meaning, and he gives a fresh energy to time. At this moment, Chen Feiyu wore a Tissot Carson Zheni series watch and a special speed-watch FIBA ​​watch on his wrist. Together with TISSOT Tissot watch, he explored the power of “not being defined by the past and not bound by the future”.

Chen Feiyu, a close friend of the TISSOT brand

Shuttle character interpretation
  He is a beginner who is feeling Baiwei’s life in the light and shadow world. He is also a basketball teenager who loves pottery and solitude in life. In his work, he has great ease between different roles. In his life, he calmly calms down and responds to the ever-changing world with the same true identity. Chen Feiyu’s attitude towards life coincides with the concept of ‘this moment, born of me’ advocated by the Tissot Carson Zhen I series watch worn on his wrist.

Chen Feiyu, a close friend of the TISSOT brand

  The Tissot Carson I watch is a wrist present for new urban youths like Chen Feiyu from TISSOT. The watch is equipped with a mechanical power 80 movement, and its power reserve can reach 80 hours, even if it is picked up after work on Friday. With the watch, it can still work accurately on weekdays, giving the wearer the power to adhere to the true self during the leisurely time. On the simple dial, the hour hand clearly records the dream-seeking steps of urban young people, and the stainless steel case is a solid backing for urban young people who have encountered setbacks. At this moment, TISSOT and Chen Feiyu wished thousands of urban youths to shine forever and fight forever.

The future of basketball teenagers can be expected
  Shutting between the characters and also on the court, Chen Feiyu on the basketball court is confident and bright, and has great vitality. He displays the unique charm of basketball teenagers in the moment of the shot. Hot September coincides with the fierce progress of the FIBA ​​FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup. TISSOT Tissot watch brand friend Chen Feiyu wears a Tissot Speedo series FIBA ​​special watch handsomely and will show the summer basketball wave.

TISSOT’s best friend Chen Feiyu unveiled a special Tissot FIBA ​​watch

  Chen Feiyu in life likes to be alone, enjoys thinking, accumulates in thinking, and down-to-earth in action. The basketball spirit in his eyes is the same, ready to make breakthroughs, and brave to create the next chapter in life. With his actual actions, he interpreted the brand spirit of TISSOT ‘at this moment by me’ to the fullest, and also explained the attitude of modern urban youths who dare to persist in their own life.

TISSOT’s best friend Chen Feiyu wears Tissot FIBA ​​special watch

  The Tissot Speedline FIBA ​​special watch incorporates the passionate attitude and youthful vitality of basketball into a full range of immersive scenes. The watch is equipped with the FIBA ​​official basketball leather strap, and the back cover is engraved with the FIBA ​​official logo, as if The never-ending spirit conveyed in the basketball game is engraved at every challenge moment. This watch with a stainless steel case resists impact, and fights side by side with you like a comrade in the stadium; the black dial with white hands and hour markers can instantly see the time when the wearer lifts his wrist. At this moment, he raised his wrist and gave a beautiful lore.

TISSOT’s best friend Chen Feiyu wears Tissot FIBA ​​special watch

Technical Parameters:
Tissot Carson Zhen Men’s Watch Reference Price: RMB 5,450
-Made in Switzerland
-Mechanical power 80 movement
-Rose gold PVD-coated steel case with polished details
-Sapphire glass and transparent case back with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 5 bar
-Brown calfskin strap
-Size: 40mm * 40mm

Tissot Speeding Series FIBA ​​Special Reference Price: 2,850 RMB
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz chronograph movement
-316L stainless steel black PVD case
-Water resistance to withstand a pressure equivalent to 10 bar
-FIBA official basketball leather strap
-The back cover is engraved with the official FIBA ​​logo
-Size: 45mm * 45mm