Tuoruder Watch X Jay Chou, Ignite Dare For Night

Shanghai, a bustling city with a mix of Chinese and Western
There is an ancient tradition of lane alleys
There is also an urban sky built by glass curtain walls.
Focus on the Shanghai World Expo Creative Show
Tudor 1926 Dare To Night
Same as classic and modern
Uranus appears ‘on time’
Timeless words and phrases

Melting classics into modern times, Jay Chou has the most say.
With extraordinary talent and strength
Jay Chou runs through the West in the field of music.
The ‘Zhou Family Musical Style’ that combines Chinese style with western music,
Since its birth, it has broken the inherent conventions of Chinese music.
Perfect achievement of ‘new classics of the times’.
Tudor 1926 debut
Traditional Essence × Modern Craft

Tudor 1926 series is elegant and natural,
Respect the brand’s classic and represent world-class superb watchmaking technology,
It deserves to be the watch of choice for Jay Chou.
A model of precision design and craftsmanship from Switzerland,
A sophisticated yet understated temperament for Asian wearers.

Jay Chou and the Tudor 1926 series are in close agreement,
Like friends, like old friends,
While adhering to the concept of melting ancient times into the present and blending Chinese and Western,
She also has the courage to push the boundaries and is born to dare.

Shine ‘Dare to Night’
Bright history × cutting-edge technology

Cool and changeable light and shadow effects,
Important elements on the dial of the 1926 series-
Warp and weave diamond pattern.
Shuttle through the staggered grid structure,
Enter the red and black fantasy space-time built by Tudor.

Models gracefully debut in the 1926 collection.
Four sizes, unisex.
But young sports, fashionable and chic;
Can mature and stable, restrained and atmospheric.
Tudor 1926 series,
Compatible with thousands of personalities, perfect and versatile interpretation of strength.
The intersection of hip hop pop and modern dance,
Dancers’ creative cooperation with light and shadow,
Inject a creative future into the brand for nearly a century.

Step into the ‘Time Promenade’,
The hands on the watch are constantly dialed back,
From 2018 back to 1926, when the brand was founded,
Every Tudor watch is durable
The perfect combination with elegant design.
To create an immersive experience,
Tudor uses cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate try-on experience.
If you are in a new time and space,
Witness Tudor’s declaration to the new era: born to dare.

Shanghai · Jay Chou · Tudor 1926
Interpretation of classic and modern
Fusion of Chinese and Western, through ancient and modern
A night in Tudor 1926