Zhu Yilong: This Man Wearing A Watch Not Only Calms The Soul But Also The Heart

It seems a bit late to discuss Zhu Yilong, because when he was the hottest, it should be ‘Zhenhun’, which was broadcast a long time ago (I really ca n’t remember when, because I do n’t have time to follow the drama) He plays Male Number One in it.

‘Soul’ poster Zhu Yilong on the left and Bai Yu on the right

   The Internet drama ‘Town Soul’ is adapted from a network novel, starring Zhu Yilong (played as Shen Wei) and Bai Yu (played as Zhao Yunlan). It tells about the existence of mutated species on the earth ten thousand years later. After the earth, Zhao Yunlan (Bai Yu) fell asleep, while Shen Wei (Zhu Yilong) became the caretaker of the mutant species. After hundreds of millions of years, the mutant species fled to the earth, and Shen Wei had to enter the Earth Special Investigation Office as a biology professor to save the earth with Zhao Yunlan after waking up. Listening to the enthusiasm, Zhu Yilong also became a hit with this online drama, and I was surrounded by townsick girls chasing the drama every day.

Zhu Yilong’s Stills in ‘The Soul’

   Zhu Yilong was born in 1988. Compared with the current small fresh meat, such as Liu Haoran, Wu Lei, Wang Junkai, etc., he is a bit red, and he can even see the sense of age on his face. In ‘The Soul’, he covered up this defect because he wore a pair of large-frame glasses, and replaced it with a gentle and elegant book volume, coupled with mature acting skills and pleasing drama design, he was able to Fire is also reasonable.

‘Do you know if it should be green fat red skinny’ stills

Stills of Flowers and Flowers

   Zhu Yilong debuted for nearly ten years, and made 17 TV series and 36 movies. Although he has also played a leading role, he has been tepid. His acting skills are actually very controversial. Although ‘Soul of the Town’ can be regarded as his famous work, ‘Soul of the Town’ is a web drama, and because it is difficult to pass the review of themes, so this drama for him can not be called his masterpiece, this is A little awkward. Zhu Yilong has always been a good actor for his flaunting and filming well, but the situation that became popular overnight occurred to him. Popularity is more important to him than acting, from the endorsement to the variety show, no matter what Voluntarily and involuntarily, he deviated slightly from the label he had given himself. But what is surprising is that in ‘City of Fantastic Music’, Zhu Yilong, who is considered to be a performer, is back.

   However, we still cannot deny the charm of Zhu Yilong, not only on the screen image, but also in everyday occasions. After all, this man wearing a watch is not only calming but also calm.

   Zhu Yilong’s temperament is more elegant, this Jacques de Rouge second hand is very suitable for his own temperament. The design of Jacques Dro’s large second hand is very original. Although the picture is a bit fuzzy, it can still be recognized at a glance.

Zhu Yilong wears Jacques Dro large seconds hand series J014014201

   Patek Philippe Nautilus also appeared on many occasions, which shows Zhu Yilong’s love for Nautilus. Although Nautilus’s style is full of sportsmanship, it doesn’t matter if you wear a formal dress.

Zhu Yilong wears Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A watch

   The Rolex Greenwich dual time zone watch with black sportswear reduces Zhu Yilong’s deeper temperament and is more young and sunny.

Zhu Yilong wears Rolex Greenwich 116710LN watch

   This year, Zhu Yilong also wore an Omega to shoot the magazine cover, demonstrating Omega’s gentleman style. Zhu Yilong is in line with the personable characters in the novel, like Professor Shen Weishen with glasses. No wonder he can win the hearts and minds of the soul-stirring girls.

Zhu Yilong wears Omega Zunba watch

Zhu Yilong wears Omega Seahorse watch

Bai Yu on the left and Zhu Yilong on the right

Bearded Bai Yu

Bai Yu without a beard

   Let’s take a look at Bai Yu, who is partnering with Zhu Yilong in ‘The Soul’, with a beard and looking like a handsome uncle, but in fact it is a perfect post-90s generation. Very malleable.

Bai Yu wears Rolex Universe Daytona 116518LN

   Relying on the popularity of ‘Zhenhun’ and other works accumulated for many years, Zhu Yilong got the role of Wu Xie in ‘Restart of Tomb Raider’. This highly acclaimed TV series looks forward to Zhu Yilong’s ability to perform better roles and shoot well as he has said in countless interviews. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)